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How to Boost Your Sexual Confidence

Sexual confidence, like most things, ebbs and flows. Whether you’re single or in a long-term relationship, sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason to the pattern of your sexual confidence. If you find yourself second guessing that you’re a goddess, we have a few confidence-boosting tips and tricks! Play to Your Assets Body positivity and sex positivity often go hand in hand, and nobody knows you like you do. Play to all your best assets for a while and see the changes. Wear your favourite clothes, listen to music that gives puts pep in your step and make sure you are speaking kindly to yourself and about yourself. The first step to sexual confidence is improving your general self-confidence....

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Move Over Easter Bunny – The Toys to Ask for Instead of an Egg

Easter is coming and whether you’re a chocaholic or not, we guarantee that guaranteed orgasms every time you play is far better than an egg, so raise the stakes a little and ask for one or more of these delightful sex toys. The Only Bunny We Care About Swap the Easter bunny for the Tracy’s Dog Beads Bunny Vibrator. This beautiful sex toy is not just a looker – it really does the job! Tracy’s Dog are masters of the female body and delivering targeted stimulation to all the right areas and this toy is no exception. The Beads Bunny Vibrator plays on all the sweet spots with is 360 degrees rotating massaging beads inside a velvety smooth shaft, and...

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The Benefits of Using Sex Toys in The Shower and Bath

It is not uncommon for people, women especially, to first discover themselves in the bathtub – we have all heard of the faucet trick! Since most of us have got our bathtub orgasm completely nailed, it’s no wonder that the bathroom becomes a sacred space! There are actually many benefits to playtime in the bath and shower, so we’re here to enlighten you! Relaxation Hot showers relax the muscles and nerves of your whole body, which is why so many people turn to showers at the end of a long day to release all the tension in their shoulders and the rest of their body. Steaming is also incredibly beneficial to relax the body and mind, to release pain and...

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