Bijoux Indiscrets Horoscope Pleasure Box

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Curate your destiny with a fusion of spirituality and sexuality. The Horoscope Pleasure Ritual is a sensual set that enhances your feminine energy.

It comes with your own zodiac gemstone necklace, a warming effect clitoral balm, and a sensually-sleek finger vibrator. 

Together, you’ll be unstoppable as you bask in the power of your own femininity, spirituality, and sexuality.

Each kit contains its own zodiac gemstone necklace (paving the way to your feminine energy), an orgasm balm fragranced with the aroma of your natural element (focus on your pleasure) and an external vibrator with 10 vibration settings for exploring all of our pleasure zones and enjoying our bodies.

Contents: zodiac gemstone necklace, orgasm balm, external vibrator, information leaflet and user manual.

Aries - Red Jasper: Provides momentum and determination.

Taurus - Rose Quartz: Stimulates love on every level. Perfect for expressing your feelings.

Gemini - Tiger’s Eye: Strengthens intentions, so you can reach your objectives

Cancer - Aventurine: Serenity. Attracts positive energy and expels negative energy

Leo - Carnelian: Increases self-confidence and self-love

Virgo - Citrine: Improves motivation and self-expression. Ideal for energising you and unleashing your creativity.

Libra - Rhodochrosite: An energy enhancer that enables you to connect with your higher consciousness.

Scorpio - Opal: Releases inhibitions and increases creativity.

Sagittarius - Lapis Lazuli: Balances your emotions and reinforces personal connections.

Capricorn - Obsidian: Stimulates curiosity and removes blockages and stress.

Aquarius - Turquoise: Self-fulfilment and problem resolution.

Pisces - Amethyst: This gem signifies courage. It sharpens the mind to maintain positive thoughts.

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