10 Tips for Amazing Anal Sex This Anal August

Curious about anal? Anal August is upon us and there's no better time to enjoy anal than the present.

"What if it hurts?" you may ask. "What if there's an accident?" "How do you use anal sex toys". Yes, anal penetration is different from vaginal penetration, but actually... it is often even more pleasurable!

With that, one needs to take the time to get used to the sensation. To do this, we've compiled a list of 10 tips to have amazing anal sex this Anal August and beyond.

After that, we'll introduce you to a few of our favourite anal sex toys that you may love.

Let's jump in!

anal august tips

10 Tips for Amazing Anal Sex

From preparation to useful tools, sex toys and partner communication, here's everything you need to know about having amazing anal sex.

Anal Sex Tip #1: Lube!

It's virtually impossible to enjoy anal sex without lube. This is because the anus doesn't produce natural lubrication like the vagina does. But that shouldn't put you off in the slightest.

In fact, it's a great way in which to experiment with different kinds of lubes. This could be fun as you glide your way into bliss, experimenting with the different ways you can enter or be entered until orgasm.

You may love a water-based lubricant because it isn't messy nor sticky and it can be used with almost all anal sex toys. Or, you could go for a silicone lube that will last longer. 

Anal Sex Tip #2: Foreplay

The only place you'll see hardcore anal sex being had without any foreplay or preparation, is in porn. It is completely unrealistic to go straight into the deed without getting warmed up first. 

To do this, you can try different things to get your blood pumping. For example, you could start by giving or receiving a massage, you could engage in oral sex, or you could simply tease other erogenous zones. 

When you enjoy foreplay, it not only increases your level of arousal, but also makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable. This is a great way in which to prepare for anal sex.

Anal Sex Tip #3: Trust & Communication

Sure, you can have a hook up or one night stand with someone and do all kinds of sexy things together. But anal sex shouldn't be one of them. Because anal is a completely different kind of penetration that needs to be experienced slowly and needs preparation, being with someone you trust is essential. 

Not just that, but communication is key. You'll feel way more relaxed if you're with a partner that you can talk to beforehand about expectations, fears, or turn ons. Having this kind of conversation will be invaluable because you really don't want any surprises. 

It's also important to relay your feelings during anal sex. Let your partner know if you're feeling uncomfortable, if you'd like to stop, or if you're having a good time. And all of this is often made possible when there is trust.

Anal Sex Tip #4: Go Slow

Anal sex is not something to be had from the get-go, going hard and fast. It just doesn't work that way. So before any kind penetration happens, it's a great idea for one partner to rub around the opening with their finger before anything is inserted.

After that, they could insert one finger, maybe more, depending on the comfort level. Also, if it helps, one could use a small anal sex toy before a partner enters too. 

Either or, when the penetrating partner enters, insert only the tip and go slow. Gauge the comfort level, do not rush, and communicate in order to have the best experience.

Anal Sex Tip #5: Safe, Sane, Consensual

Safe, sane, consensual (SSC) is a term that's often used in the BDSM community, but it is very much applicable here too. 

Safe means that the risks are known and minimised as much as possible. It means that all parties involved know what they're doing and are able to handle it responsibly. 

Sane means that both partners have self-control and that they won't betray their partner's trust. It also means that boundaries have been set and they will, by no means, be crossed without the full knowledge of everyone involved.

Consensual means that everyone agrees to something without coercion and intoxication. It also means that both parties have a sufficiently high intellectual capacity so that they understand the risks and consequences of their actions.

Anal Sex Tips

Anal Sex Tip #6: Avoid Numbing Agents

There are some individuals and brands that may promote the use of numbing agents for anal sex, but it is much safer not to use them.

When you use a numbing agent during anal, it can lead to the risk of trauma because you cannot feel as much. If you do opt for a numbing agent, it not only means that you may not be able to know when to stop or slow down, but it also means that you won't feel as much hence no real pleasure.

Anal Sex Tip #7: Anal Douche or Enema

Another way in which to prepare for anal sex would be for the receiver to use an anal douche or an enema. These two things essentially do similar things (help prevent accidents), but they're used differently.

An anal douche is when you have a squeeze bottle, fill it with water, insert it into the rectum, then squirt the water inside. This will help wash away any leftover poop that might be in and around the rectum. The results are fairly quick.

An anal enema is used differently in that the person will lie down on their side, insert the enema and use the bulb to squirt the fluid into the lower bowl via the rectum. This will then cleanse or stimulate the emptying of the bowel. An anal enema will start working after about 30 minutes after which you'll have to sit on the toilet to empty the bowels.

Anal Sex Tip #8: Don't Go A to V (and vice versa)

Whatever you're using for penetration, be it a toy, a finger, or a penis, you should never go from anal to vaginal without cleaning the toy, finger, or penis. Additionally, if you're wearing a condom, you should change it when you go from one kind of penetration to the other. 

If this isn't done, it is a UTI waiting to happen. This is because it will transfer bacteria from the back passage to the urethra.

Anal Sex Tip #9: The Position Matters

Some sex positions are more favourable during anal than others. And the choices may vary depending on if someone is a beginner or not. 

For beginners, a good position to try would be for the receiving partner to lie down on their back at the edge of the bed while their partner stand in between their legs. In this way, the receiver can control the speed and depth of penetration.

Anal Sex Tip  #10: Flared Base Anal Sex Toys

Lastly, if you're going to be using anal sex toys, you simply must make sure that they have a flared base. This is necessary because, unlike the vagina, an anal sex toy without a flared base can actually get 'lost' inside of a person. And you don't want any ER trips, do you?

Secondly, for beginners, definitely start small. If you're comfortable with one or two fingers inside, then you could upgrade to a small butt plug. You could also try anal training, where you start off small and over time, go bigger.

Anal sex toys

Our Top 4 Anal Sex Toys

Without overcomplicating things with dozens of options, we're going to give you our top 4 anal sex toys that we think you should try!

Top Secret+ App Enabled Wearable Vibrator


It's wireless, it's app-enabled, and it's wearable! The Top Secret+ from Satisfyer will definitely have you satisfied. It has a flat, ergonomic base and a rigid shaft for maximum clitoral stimulation, yes, but it's also great for vaginal and anal play.

If you're looking to stimulate your G-spot, simply insert it into the vagina. And for some anal stimulation, insert it anally. Both kinds of stimulation will be incredible because the toy shows off some beautiful curves that hit the right spots.

Stainless Steel Butt Plug Set


A way in which to start your journey into anal penetration.

This gorgeous rainbow-coloured butt plugs come in three different sizes, so you can start off small and work your way up. You could also wear one of them during play time for that extra bit of penetrative fun.

Or, you may just love this butt plug set because it offers such a beautiful aesthetic.

Diamond Star Anal Beads

Crafted with aluminium, these anal beads increase in size the further you insert them, and come with a sparkling gemstone for an aesthetic feel. Offering a flared base for absolute safety, this beauty is a must-have for anal enthusiasts.

Vibrating Prostate Massager


Did you know that prostate orgasms are arguable much better than penile orgasms? And that's why penis owners are encouraged to try anal penetration. 

This vibrating prostate massager has some great curves, ridges, and grooves to reach your hotspots, and nine different vibration modes. It's also waterproof for splashes of fun in water!

And there you have it! A great introduction to anal play this Anal August, plus some additional tips and sex toy recommendations to make sure that your experience keeps you coming back for more.

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