I’m Lesley, a female entrepreneur and the proud owner of Your Pleasure Toys! With my extensive background in e-commerce, it was my dream to start my own business. Did I ever think it would be in the sex toy industry? No. But it’s something I’m so passionate about as I believe that self-care is not a luxury, but a basic need!

And now, I’m proud to successfully own and run YPT— a company that offers a huge range of high end sex toys at affordable prices. We’ve also been lucky enough to be an official UK distributor of the sex toy brand, Tracy’s Dog, a line of sophisticated and delicious pleasure products I believe everyone should know about!

How did it all start? At the beginning of 2019, a friend of mine introduced me to Tracy’s Dog. Unfortunately, I learned that these sex toys weren’t readily available in the UK. This was my “ah-ha!” moment! 

After mulling it over, excited about the prospect of getting into the sex toy business, I reached out to Tracy’s Dog. Soon, I had formed such a trusting relationship with their fantastic team that they offered me the exclusive rights to sell their products in the UK.

I then launched my website as a little side hustle, and amazingly, it has turned into a very successful business. One I live and breathe for!  Now, it’s the only thing I am focused on, day in day out. 

I’ve acquired a great team who are equally as passionate, and who help keep things running smoothly and on track. As they say: team work makes the dream work! I’ll be forever grateful to them for all of their support and dedication that they have shown over the past year.

Throughout this crazy journey, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in the realm of sex, orgasms, sexual health, sex positivity, and of course—female empowerment. And I continue to educate myself every day. 

But what really struck a chord for me however, was the fact that so many of the women I have spoken to have never experienced an orgasm! And so, I’ve now made it my mission to enlighten my fellow females by providing luxury toys that produce mind blowing orgasms at affordable prices.

We are so excited to share the journey with you! If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to reach out via email or on our social channels, we would absolutely love to hear from you!