Enhance Your Sex Life With Couples Sex Toys & Games!

While some may believe that sex is simply a bit of foreplay and p-in-v penetration, this couldn't be further from the truth. There are so many different types of intimacy and sexual experiences one can have, alone or with their partner.

And by indulging in new realms of your sexuality, you'll be able to learn more about yourself, your (and your partner's) body, and the many ways that we can enjoy stimulation, pleasure, arousal, and climax. 

Today, we're going to think outside of the box and introduce you to a few favourite couples sex toys and games. Or, if you're really inquisitive, go ahead and take a peek at all of our couples sex toys here!

There's something for everyone—whether you're a beginner, looking for a flirtatious twist for date night, or ready to explore your already-keen interest in sex toys and adult games.

Couples Sex Toys

But let's start with the basics...

What Are Couples Sex Toys?

Couples sex toys are pleasure products that have been designed to use with a partner. And while many of these toys can actually be used solo (yay for versatility), they're equally—if not more—tantalising to use with your lover.

There are many types of couples sex toys out there, some worn by him, some worn by her, and others that are simply an aid to get your blood pumping.

The idea behind couples sex toys is that two (or more) people come together to experience new heights of sexual pleasure. It can be highly erotic for both partners, and is an excellent way to boost your sex life, and to try something new.

Couples Sex Toy

What Are the Benefits of Using a Couples Sex Toy?

For some, sexuality and sex feels like a taboo subject. One or both partners may feel shy, intimidated or even embarrassed to talk to their significant other about using pleasure products in the bedroom because it seems daunting and strange. But actually, there are so many benefits to using a couples sex toy.

For one, it allows both partners to learn more about their own and their partner's bodies. You could engage in mutual masturbation using one or more sex toys, allowing both to witness what their lover likes and how they experience their best pleasure. This will aid in even better intimacy together.

Additionally, using a couples sex toy is like giving your sex life a massive boost. It keeps things fresh, creative, and fun. It may also allow both partners to open up the discussion and opportunity to experiment with other things in their relationship too. As they say, change is as good as a holiday!

Another big benefit of using a couples sex toy is that it may assist one or both partners in achieving orgasm. This is an important one, as it's known that many women need some kind of clitoral stimulation in order to climax. A couples sex toy is simply an enhancement, creating beautiful climaxes.

Sex Toy Games Couples

How to Talk to Your Partner About Using Couples Sex Toys

It takes two to tango when it comes to couples sex toys. Which is why both partners need to consent and be willing to try it.

So if you're keen on giving a couples sex toy a go, and are unsure of how to approach the subject to your partner: the key is always communication.

Open communication in a relationship is what allows both partners to feel heard and appreciated. Take a moment when you and your partner are both having a relaxing and happy moment (not during intimacy), and bring up the topic. Remember to be respectful of their feelings and opinion too. 

You may want to say something like, "So, I read about a sex toy/pleasure product that looks really fun to try together. What are your thoughts on this?" Or, "Lately, I feel as though I'd love to explore our sexuality even more. Maybe we could try a couples sex toy that gives both of us even more pleasure, and see how we like it? What do you think?"

You could also talk about some fantasies that you're having, if you're comfortable. But remember to be empathetic and open to what your partner has to say about it, as both of your feelings and desires are valid.

Games Sex Toys Couples

6 Couples Sex Toys for Adventurous Date Nights

CalExotics Remote Control Foreplay Set

A four-piece set of sensual pleasure products, made for couples who want to indulge in something new. This set comes with something for both him and hera curved vibrating bullet and a vibrating cock ring. Both come with a handy remote control, so you can change things up whenever you fancy, giving each other jolts of pure bliss.

Couples Sex Toy Starter Set

A pleasure set with a little bit of everything, this starter kit is the perfect way to get started in your couples sex toy journey.  And how fun it'll be to explore, research, and find different way to experience different kinds of erotic sensations together! This set includes an anal plug, love balls, a cock ring, a finger vibe, a glans vibrator, and a small and large bullet vibe attachment. Needless to say, with this set, you really can have it all!

Vibrating Bullet Penis Ring

Penis rings are a fabulous couples sex toy because it not only enhances his stamina, but it also aids in stronger and more powerful erections. This is, of course, also a plus for a partner who wants long, steamy sessions of fun! This gorgeous penis ring vibrates beautifully, giving him and her a generous sensation of rumbling bliss. It also comes with a vibrating bullet, making it even more sexy!

Vibrating Cock Ring

Foxy Couples Vibrator

A delicious treat worn by her during penetrative sex that stimulates both the clitoris and the G-spot, the Foxy pleasure product has two motors that give off happy vibes for both partners. It's sleek, super luxurious, and works like such a dream come true, you'll both love the extra bit of sexual enhancement. 

Angel Remote Control Panty Vibrator Set

Take your adventurous side to the next level by having her wear a sensual yet discreet panty vibrator and allowing a partner to control it. This beautiful piece of pleasure is heart-shaped, and nestles effortlessly against her sweet spot. It comes with a pair of lace panties, a vibrator, and a remote, so you can take on the world with a sexy secret only you and your partner can share.

Wearable Panty Vibrator Whistle

My oh my! For lovers of vaginal or anal penetration, you'll absolutely adore this wearable panty vibrator. It's been designed to fit perfectly inside your underwear, whilst giving you euphoric sensations with its ridged shaft. The best part? It's remote-controlled, so the wearer can always expect the unexpected, anytime and anywhere.

Whistle Wearable Couples Vibrator

8 Kinky Couples Games for Adventurous Date Nights

Oral Fun Couples Board Game

Eat out... without eating out! The Oral Fun Couples Board Game is the most fun you can have without leaving the house. It comes with various oral sex commands and trivia, allowing you to learn and experience new kinds of foreplay, taking both you and your partner to a new kind of sexual euphoria! 

You & Me Erotic Couples Game

A sensual kind of competition between partners, this game is all about gaining points while engaging in some super erotic sexual acts. It has 90 cards with different commands, and allows the winner to go ahead and grant their most seductive wish yet! Do you dare?

Monogamy The Ultimate Couples Board Game

Never a dull moment in the bedroom with this 400-card set of delicious prompts and actions for partners to enjoy together. This award-winning couples game is so daring, bold, adventurous, and blissfully erotic, that you'll melt into uninhibited passion in no time.

Monogamy Couples Game

Tease & Please Couples Games Set

Brought to you by Tease & Please, choose from one or more of five different games for couples to explore and indulge in your most sexual side. Depending on your lustful desires, take your chosen adult game for a sensual spin...

A couples game that's all about getting to know your lover on a more intimate and sexy level. It's packed with all kinds of delicious questions to ask and answer, and even comes with three BDSM-inspired pleasure products to get those juices flowing.

This adult game is for those who want to play with the idea of BDSM! It's got 16 different tasks to enjoy, as well as three different BDSM props for an even bigger ride.

TeaseMe Erotic Game for Couples

Made solely for anal lovers and those who want to indulge in anal play, this game will have you experiencing a new kind of pleasure with your partner. Take advantage of the two complimentary anal sex toys and lube, and swipe the cards for ultimate erotica.

A game dedicated to sensuality and touch, the TouchMe game for couples focuses on tasks and prompts that encourage you to get to know your lover even better. Tease and please the senses with the accompanying BDSM-inspired props, and fulfil desires you may never have been aware of!

An adult game that's centred around couples pleasure, it gives you different kinds of sex position to try as well as a few cheeky couples sex toys. It comes with 52 cards of Kama Sutra positions, perfect for those who want to spice up their lovemaking!

Erotic Adult Game Couples

So, whether you're slowly starting to discover new kinds of sexuality and arousal, or you're all about those adventurous trysts, there's something for everyone! Step into the limelight of sheer pleasure, and get ready to simply shine!

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