Good, Clean Fun! How to Clean Your Sex Toys!

So you've got yourself a new brand new pleasure product and you're wondering how to clean your sex toy so that you can get the best bang for your buck!

Or maybe you've got a not-so-new toy, and want to brush up on the best ways to keep it clean, safe for use, and to prolong its life.

Well, yay you! Keeping your sex toys clean is absolutely necessary, so we're glad that you're doing the right thing, and wanting to learn how to clean sex toys efficiently and safely.

With that, regardless of what kind of sex toy you have, or what material it's made of, we're here to help with our little guide on how to clean your sex toys.

And if you're unsure of what kind of material your sex toy is made of, get in touch! We're always happy to chat!

Clean Sex Toys

Why is it Important to Clean Your Sex Toys?

Just like anything else you use on or put in your body, cleaning your sex toy is simply good practice. Pleasure products have the capacity to collect bacteria and germs on the surface, which could then be introduced on or inside of your body during use. Of course, you're not looking to get any infections from your fave sex toy, are you?

It's also important to know what kind of material your sex toy is made of, which will then guide you on how to clean them. Porous sex toys, for example, need a more thorough clean than non-porous. This is because porous sex toys have microscopic holes which can trap bacteria and grow mould.

Regardless of which kind of sex toy you have however, all toys should be cleaned before (and possibly even after) every use. 

Why is it Important to Clean Your Sex Toys

Cleaning Your Sex Toy, According to its Material

While silicone is arguably the most popular kind of sex toy material, there are various other kinds of materials available.

You may be rocking a glass dildo that brings you all kinds of sexy sensations, or perhaps a sleek leather number that brings you endless joy!

Find below a list of pleasure product materials, and find out how to clean sex toys like a pro!

How to Clean Silicone Sex Toys

Silicone is a smooth and elegant kind of material, and owning a silicone sex toy will give you a luxurious feel and experience. Another bonus? Silicone sex toys are super easy to clean.

They're non-porous, which is great, and all you need to get going is mild antibacterial soap, water, and a washcloth. Gently clean it with the soap, run it under lukewarm water, pat it dry, and voila! A no-no? Don't boil motored silicone vibrators, as it will damage the mechanisms.


How to Clean Cyberskin & Vinyl Sex Toys

Cyberskin and vinyl sex toys are porous, which means that they require a really decent clean. But don't let that put you off. There are so many delicious toys made of cyberskin and vinyl, so the reward is way better than the clean up process. 

To clean cyberskin and vinyl sex toys, you can use a mild soap, but only a small amount. If you use too much soap, it could break down the material. If you're cleaning a masturbation sleeve, turn it inside out, as the inside is full of sensual grooves, bits and pieces that add to your pleasure.

After washing your cyberskin or vinyl sex toy, you could give it a little dust with cornstarch which will help prevent it from becoming sticky.

How to Clean Metal & Glass Sex Toys

There are some magical metal and glass sex toys available today. And because they're non-porous and many of them don't have any motors, you can simply boil them under water for three to four minutes.

Alternatively, if you have a motorised glass or metal sex toy, you could use a mild soap, warm water, and a dry washcloth to pat your pleasure product dry.


How to Clean Nylon Sex Toys

Nylon is a material that is often using for seductive props and bedroom gadgets. Things such as harnesses and toys used for impact play may be made from nylon, and they're just as important to clean as any other pleasure product.

If you have something saucy that's made of durable nylon but is not motorised, you can actually throw it into the washing machine. Alternatively you could use mild detergent and warm water, and hang up your frills and thrills to dry.

How to Clean Plastic & Rubber Sex Toys (TPR, TPE & Jelly)

Whether your toy is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPR), thermoplastic rubber (TPE), jelly or rubber, it is porous. You're going to want to give them a really good clean. You can do so by using mild antibacterial soap and warm water, making sure to really get into all the nooks and crannies. If there are lots of different crevices, you could use a toothbrush for a more thorough clean.

After washing, dry your pleasure product well before you store it. This is just as important as cleaning.


How to Clean PVC Sex Toys

We have nothing against PVC sex toys, but there is some research that indicates it can be harmful for human and reproductive health. So, if you're planning to use a PVC sex toy, we suggest doing your own research on the matter. 

To clean a PVC sex toy requires a mild soap and water, and you can go ahead and give it a deep clean, rinse with water, then dried with a clean washcloth before storing it.

How to Clean Leather Sex Toys

Just like many harnesses and impact play sexual wellness products are made of nylon, many of them are too made of leather. And because leather is porous, cleaning it with care and precision is very important for optimal health.

Use a damp and soapy washcloth to wipe down your bits and bops absolutely everywhere, thoroughly, and allow it to air dry.

Intimate Earth Green Foaming Toy Cleaner: Suitable for All Materials

Now that you've learned or brushed up on how to clean your sex toys according to its material, you could go an even easier route and use the Intimate Earth Green Foaming Cleaner.

This toy cleaner is a fusion of antibacterial and natural ingredients, namely tea tree oil, lavender oil, and guava bark. It's gentle on your skin and your favourite pleasure products, is triclosan and alcohol-free, and can be used on a toy of any material!

Intimate Earth Toy Cleaner

To-Do List: Cleaning Your Sex Toy

Just for good measure, we're including a to-do list when it comes to cleaning your sex toys This will help you on your journey of sexual self-exploration, and will allow you to be absolutely safe and in good hands when it comes to your very best pleasure.

  • Clean your sex toy when it first arrives
  • Check if your sex toy is waterproof or water-resistant, which will guide you on how to clean it
  • Check if your sex toy is motorised, which will also guide you on how to clean it
  • Dry your sex toys well after cleaning
  • Use a mild anti-bacterial soap and avoid scented soaps or household cleaning products (especially bleach)
  • Check to see if your sex toy is porous or non-porous
  • Store your sex toy well to avoid bacteria build up

And so, you're ready to enjoy all of the sexy perks that come with owning a sensual toy! Go forth and bask in uninhibited glory, safely, and with ultimate satisfaction.

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