Long-Distance Relationship Tips for Lockdown

A little birdy told us that not all of you have been lucky enough to be in lockdown with bae! And we know that long-distance relationships can be incredibly difficult, and even more so if you’ve never experienced them before and haven’t chosen to be in this situation. So, we thought we’d offer some advice and long-distance relationship tips for lockdown to help keep the fire alive.

Express Commitment

The best way to set yourselves up for success is to not shy away from your commitment from the get-go. Being apart and unable to connect physically can be hard on a couple and cause them to really feel the distance. Setting clear expectations and boundaries, expressing your commitment and not being afraid to reassure your partner of your commitment to them is best practice!

Plan for the Future

Usually in a long-distance relationship we would advise that you always have something booked and know when you’re next going to see each other. Having a date in the diary and a countdown helps everyone because it reminds you that this time apart is only temporary and not permanent. Because no one knows how long this lockdown is going to continue for, we have to plan for the future even if it’s vague. Plan places you want to go and things you want to do to make your dates in the future extra special.

Be Confident to Experiment

Finding intimate connection when you’re far apart is not easy, but it isn’t impossible! Phone sex, texts and masturbation are great ways to keep the fire roaring. It’s important to acknowledge that everything is sexy when delivered with confidence so really take the time to get into your groove. Toys such as masturbation cups for him and realistic dildos for her are great ways to get it on apart but together!

You could look at lockdown apart as something negative or you could acknowledge that it’s a great opportunity to get to know each other on a whole new level – and imagine how hot the sex will be when you see each other again!

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