Multiple Orgasms: Is It Really a Thing?

While we're big advocates on foreplay and enjoying intimate experiences, either alone or with a partner, we too know that many of us really want to experience the rush of an orgasm. And what's better than one orgasm? Multiple orgasms!

Having said that, it's a wonderful thing to be able to explore our bodies and to see what they're capable of.

So today, we're going to talk about multiple orgasms! Are they 'a thing', who can achieve them, how to achieve them, and staying safe during them!

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Multiple Orgasms

Is it a Myth or Do Multiple Orgasms Actually Exist?

Good news! Multiple orgasms are actually a thing. The not-so-good news is that not everyone is able to have them.

And while certain genders are more prone to them, this is not the only deciding factor when our bodies and minds are in charge (more on that later).

What are Multiple Orgasms?

First, let's discuss orgasms in general! An orgasm is when peak sexual excitement is reached and a set of involuntary pelvic floor muscle contractions occur. Oftentimes, an orgasm is accompanied by convulsive movements, grunts, gasps and an overall feeling of immense satisfaction and pleasure. 

Multiple orgasms on the other hand, is when someone has several orgasms very close together. They could be back-to-back, with just a few seconds between them, or they could happen after a small decline in arousal, becoming aroused again within minutes, then having another orgasm.

And while no two people are the same, one who experiences them could have around two to five multiple orgasms in one session.

Are Multiple Orgasms Real?

Who Has Multiple Orgasm?

To even things out just a tad (you know, the orgasm gap and all), it's quite lovely that vulva owners are exceedingly more prone to multiple orgasms than penis owners. However, the proportion of women who experience them is controversial. They're not common by any means, but they aren't rare either.

However, it'll come as no surprise that the majority of women who are experiencing multiple orgasms, are those who are engaging in solo masturbation.

In a study of 419 individuals from the ages of 18 to 69, three quarters (74 percent) said that they experienced their first multiple orgasm during solo play. It was also found that those who only have vaginal intercourse were much less likely to have multiple orgasms.

In fact, the study said that those who played solo achieved multiple orgasms for the first time within six to 14 minutes, but 30 to 60 minutes when with achieved it with a partner for the first time.

This too isn't surprising, as most women need a bit of slow stimulation, especially mental stimulation, in order to climax.

For those who did experience multiple orgasms with a partner, it was said that they enjoyed long periods of kissing, hugging, full-body massages, oral sex, erotic touch, and penetration.

And the most common way in which women experienced multiple orgasms, according to the study, was when they enjoyed a combination of genital hand massage and cunnilingus.

How Can You Have Multiple Orgasms

How Can You Have Multiple Orgasms?

Because we've established that it's mostly women that experience multiple orgasms, let's take a look at how they can achieve them—and it all begins with being relaxed.

Before you begin your journey however, we recommend working on your pelvic floor muscles. Can you contract and release them?

There are many ways you can exercise your pelvic floor muscles, either by doing the action similar to that of peeing then stopping mid-stream, or using kegel balls. Doing kegel exercises will not only help you to have stronger and longer-lasting orgasms, but will also be useful during your play time to perhaps bring on multiple orgasms.

Then, when you're ready to start, find a time where you'll have no interruptions, you're feeling calm, no stress, and a rising libido. At the same time, try not to put pressure on yourself to achieve multiple orgasms. This may set you up for failure as you constantly think about and try to reach this goal. Instead, focus on the journey and the pleasure you're experiencing. 

Once you achieve your first orgasm, try to have a new kind of orgasm, which can stimulate different nerve endings, increasing your chance of having more. For example, if you had your first orgasm via the G-spot, change up the stimulation afterwards by stimulating the clitoris or the nipples.

Another tip that could help you achieve multiple orgasms is to exaggerate your breathing. Let out quick, huffy-puffy breaths, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, which can enhance the sensation.

Most importantly, if you don't experience multiple orgasms, don't be despondent. Everyone's body is wired differently, and sometimes it's simply not an option. Other times, it might just take some time and effort. Remember, it's about the journey not the destination. Take your time and enjoy the ride. 

How Can You Have Multiple Orgasms

Staying Safe During a Spell of Multiple Orgasms

You may be wondering why we'd dedicate a portion of this article to staying safe during a spell of multiple orgasms. Well, for some who experience them, it can actually be painful or uncomfortable. This is because the genitals become sensitive after climax, resulting in irritation or even distress.

Listen to your body and if you're experiencing overstimulation, you could slow down or stop the source of stimulation altogether. We don't recommend working through the pain in order to try and achieve multiple orgasms, as this could lead to chafing or bruising.

At the end of the day, our bodies are magical! If we take the time to nurture them, love them, and listen to them, we will be setting ourselves up for a lot of pleasure, joy, and sexual bliss.

At the same time, there is nothing wrong with you if you aren't able to experience multiple orgasms, so we hope that you're kind to yourself!

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