Large Anal Butt Plug Sets

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Sexual exploration shouldn’t be daunting, which is why our Large Anal Butt Plug Sets are ideal for those new to anal play right through to the most seasoned of players.

Designed for easy, smooth insertion, our sets are sure to hit the spot every time; you can choose from our bulb shaped trio, the sleek bottleneck threesome, or our sensual wave set.

For those of you who want a full sensation, our bulb plugs have thickness in all the right places, while our bottleneck plugs have greater reach but with a more tapered design. Lastly, our wave butt plugs combine length and girth to give you a wonderfully oscillated shape, certain to enhance your pleasure.

These sets are fun to use with a partner(s), or for when you want to indulge in some solo play. For an even bigger ‘O’, why not introduce one of our other toys into the mix, for extra stimulation and/or penetration!


Bulb Set

  • Small - Insertable length -  2.3"/ 6cm  W - 1.5"/ 4cm
  • Medium - Insertable Length - 1.5"/ 7cm  W - 2.3"/ 6cm
  • Large - Insertable Length - 3.1"/ 8cm  W - 2.9"/ 7.5cm

Bottleneck Set

  • Small - Insertable Length - 3.1"/ 8cm  W -  1.1"/ 3cm
  • Medium - Insertable Length - 3.5"/ 9cm  W - 1.5"/ 4cm
  • Large - Insertable Length - 3.9"/ 10cm  W - 1.9"/ 5cm

Wave Set

  • Small - Insertable Length - 3.1"/ 8cm  W - 1.1"/ 3cm
  • Medium - Insertable Length - 3.5"/ 9cm  W - 1.5"/ 4cm
  • Large - Insertable Length - 3.9"/ 10cm  W - 1.9"/ 5cm

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