Double Ended Magic Wand

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There’s not many out there who aren’t fans of a wand toy — they have a fun microphone shape, deliver a range of intense vibrations and, in the words of Frankie*, will make you sing.

What’s not to love about that!

If you’ve been a fan of wands for some time now, then you definitely need this unique double ended wand from YPT. Not only does it promise the orgasmic satisfaction that wands are known for, but it also allows you to share the love with your partner. Although all couples can enjoy this one, we’re certain that our lesbian customers will particularly be interested (and with good reason).

Its design isn’t too dissimilar to the traditional slender shaft and large, rounded head. However, unlike traditional wands, this one has a ridged head on the other end of the handle, perfect for stimulating your partner while they do the same to you. Think of this as an unconventional, but arguably more fun, double ended dildo: one of you can grind your clit against its main head, while the other relishes some subtle but delightful penetration.

Made from soft, body safe silicone, this is a silky smooth toy to feel glide against the delicate contorts of your body. For maximum pleasure, we advise using some water based lubricant. Then, once you’re in need of a power top up, just plug in the USB charger and let it get ready for the next round.

*Grace and Frankie series.

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