Tracy's Dog Kegel Balls - Ben Wa Balls with Remote

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If you aren’t already clued up about kegel exercises, then you’re about to be.

Mainly known for improving your pelvic floor (which is never a bad thing), kegel products are also a fabulous addition to your sex toy collection. Not all kegel products are designed to offer pleasure, but you can be sure that this Tracy's Dog  set definitely is, and best of all, it comes with a remote control.

This set consists of three different kegel balls: a single ball, a double ball, then another double ball, only this time it has the added benefit of vibrations. As you might have already guessed, the dimensions of these balls vary in size, depending on which one you opt for. This means that you can invest in this set even if you’re a novice to kegel training and play.

Even though there’s plenty of benefits to using kegel balls, we know where our mind goes when a remote control is included — fun when out and about. Give your partner the power to control those vibrations while you’re away from home, with peace of mind that no one will be able to hear it. The vibrating ball is extremely quiet at under 40 decibels. Or heat things up at home whenever you want to play the submissive.

No matter how you choose to test out the remote, one thing is certain, those vibrations are going to get you working hard for all the right reasons. 

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