Top 10 Daringly Seductive Sex Games for Couples

 There are literally limitless ways that you can enjoy and embrace your sexuality, either solo or with a partner. And that's the beauty of self-care! It's so unbelievably diverse, allowing us all to try new things, go on different sexual adventures, and explore territories we've yet to discover! 

And while many people believe that engaging in sex or foreplay merely consists of a handful of acts, there really are so many different ways you can get your rocks off!

You're unique, and there's something out there for everyone who wants to get more intimate, either with themselves or with a lover!

Which is why we're in love with these 10 daringly seductive sex games for couples! There's a little bit of everything in our list of top 10, so why not take a peek and see if something catches your lustful eye?

Or, have a gander at our full list of erotic games for couples here!

But first...

10 Sex Games for Couples

What is a Sex Game for Couples?

A sex game for couples runs on the same notion as any game... except it has an erotic twist to it. And while the word 'sex' is in the title, adult sex games don't have to include having penetrative sex!

There's a variety of fun and delicious games that offer different rules, prompts, questions, and actions that involve foreplay acts, kinky acts, more vanilla fun, or simply a way in which to get to know your partner on a more intimate level!

Basically, sex games for couples are a fabulous way to have seductive trysts, no matter who you are or what you're into sexually. Why? Because whatever it is you're into, you'll surely find something that's right up your alley. 

Sex Games for Couples

Why Playing a Sex Game for Couples is a Good Idea

Just like trying new sex positions or enjoying new sex toys together as a couple is a great way to increase your levels of arousal, closeness, and sexuality, sex games too can do all of the above—but most of the time, in a less intimidating way.

You see, a game prompts the players to indulge in different things in a creative and engaging way, whereas having a serious conversation with your partner about wanting to try new things, for example, may be a little bit more difficult to initiate!

Another perk of trying sex games for couples is that it'll allow both you and your lover to learn more about one another. And by playing these kinds of adult games, you can boost your sex life by knowing your partner's likes, dislikes, fantasies, and more. 

Of course, playing a sex game with your partner requires a good level of trust, comfortability, and shared enthusiasm for it to really spice things up! 

Ready to check out a few cheeky sex games for couples?

Sex Games

Top 10 Sex Games for Couples

1. Monogamy The Ultimate Couples Board Game

 This one's a winner... literally! It's an award-winning sex game for couples that is a real teaser and pleaser! It's loaded with all kinds of levels, ideas, and erotic adventures spanning over an impressive 400 cards. Basically, being bored in the bedroom is simply not an option with the board game, Monogamy!

2. Oral Fun Couples Board Game

Shining some light on the delicious act of oral, this game is all about enjoying the art of foreplay with your favourite lover. It's got some super spicy twists, naughty prompts, and even has a daringly seductive treat for you on square 69! Enjoy a new kind of 'eating out' with this trivia sex game for couples!

3. You & Me Erotic Couples Game

If you're looking for a way to turn up the heat, this game is the perfect choice! It's all about taking turns to discover and play with your partner in a competition-like way, allowing you to gain points as you go along! Allow your competitive and cheeky side to come out with 100 cards full of sexy surprises and lots of fun!

You & Me Erotic Couples Game

4. Our Sex Game: Gender Neutral

Go on a whirlwind of sexual exploration with this gender neutral sex game for couples. Its prompts are gorgeously diverse, ranging from slow and seductive to racy and erotic, and encourages lovers to explore their deepest fantasies! What's even more cheeky is that this game can be enjoyed with two or more players. So if you fancy a bit of group fun, Our Sex Game will entertain you with an affair you and your sexy friends will never forget. 

5. Domin8 Master Edition Sex Game

Bring out the more dominant and/or submissive side in you with Domin8, a game that challenges lovers to take on new roles, and explore the world of BDSM in a non-intimidating and playful way. It's an excellent way to give a few kinky activities a go, allowing you to really discover some new fantasies that you perhaps never knew you had!

Domin8 Master Edition Sex Game

Tease & Please Erotic Sex Games for Couples 

The Tease & Please range of sex games for couples is all about bringing lovers together in an open and sensual way. The company's motto is to remove the everyday routine that may arise in relationships, and create a sexual experience that enriches both partners with pleasure. 

Within this range, there are five saucy erotic sex games for couples to choose from, so go on... pick your favourite!

6. PleaseMe

PleaseMe is a game centred around getting to know your partner on a more intimate level. It's loaded with passionate questions, tasks, prompts, and commands, and even has a dash of BDSM fun for those who want to give this kind of fun a try!

7. TeaseMe

Strip yourself of all preconceived notions, and take on a completely new role with TeaseMe. This game is about trying out new personas in the realm of dominance and submission. It's got 16 cards, all bondage-inspired, allowing your different sexual sides to come out and play! Complimented with bondage rope, nipple clamps, and six task books, you'll never run out of kinky activities to get your pulse racing.

TeaseMe Sex Game Couples

8. AnalMe

If you adore anal play, AnalMe will be your favourite sex game for couples! And while it contains a series of tasks that are daringly euphoric, it also comes with three anal pleasure products to play with! With this game, you can forget the competition, because both partners will most certainly win.

9. FuckMe

Getting down to it, FuckMe is your next step after a bout of tantalising foreplay! It's a game dedicated to all kinds of sex positions that are equally as pleasurable for both partners. Use the six tasks and complimentary sex toys to reach new heights of sexual bliss, and you'll find yourself forming a deeper and more passionate connection with your lover. 

10. TouchMe

Erotica is the name of the game with TouchMe. It's inspired by several BDSM acts that'll get you out of your comfort zone and right in the middle of the pleasure zone. And with the accompanying props, like a tickling feather, mask, and massage tool, you'll bring you and your partner into another realm of sexual excitement and pure lust.


So, when it comes to 'the deed' why not go for something out of the ordinary? Escape the mundane, forget about the drudgery of routine, and immerse yourself into new ways of pleasure in a fun, out-of-the-box, and erotic kind of way with a sex game for couples!

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