How to Enjoy Hands-Free Orgasms Solo and With Your Partner

So you love to orgasm! Who doesn't! How amazing is it when you're swept away into a cloud of heavenly bliss as a deep climax overcomes you.

Like a crashing wave of pleasure that affects your whole body, mind, and soul. Yes, orgasms are arguably the most delicious sensation known to us humans.

And speaking of orgasms, what does your masturbation routine or partnered play look like? Do you use toys to get your blood pumping? And is there something enticing about trying new and exciting methods of masturbation using different sex toys? Well then, you're in luck!

Sex Toys

Today, we're going to guide you on how to enjoy hands-free orgasms, whether you're playing solo or with a partner, a beginner or an experienced player!

Sit tight, read carefully, take notes...because by doing so, you'll be having erotic hands-free orgasms on the regular with absolute ease!

What is a Hands-Free Orgasm?

According to Gigi Engle, a sex coach:

"Hands-free orgasms refer to any kind of orgasm that didn't involve your own hands."

But then again, the definition could also extend to an orgasm that was experienced without the help of a lover's hands or oral sex.

And actually, you'll be surprised at how many different ways you can achieve a hands-free orgasm!

What is Hands Free Orgasm

How Can You Achieve a Hands-Free Orgasm?

The list is seemingly endless! Of course, every body is different, which means that not everyone can achieve all of these hands-free orgasm methods. But with or without an orgasm, it'll surely be a heck of a lot of fun trying them out!

1. Dry Humping

With or without clothes on, both men and women can dry hump or grind their genitals on things like pillows or blankets. The friction and stimulation can be powerful enough to bring on a hands-free orgasm.

2. Wearable Sex Toys

Wearable sex toys are a fabulous way in which to reach hands-free orgasms alone or with a partner. Typically, they're inserted inside the wearer or are paired with knickers that hold the toy in place.

Then, with the use of a remote, the wearable sex toy gets to work anytime, any place. For that reason, it's a huge sexy treat for couples.

3. Dirty Talk

Did you know that it's actually possible to make yourself orgasm without any stimulation at all? And dirty talk is a form of mental stimulation that can make both men and women orgasm hands-free. After all, they do say that the brain is the sexiest organ!

Dirty Talk

4. Orgasmic Breathing

Things such as meditation and mindfulness are a great way in which to find your centre and connect with yourself on multiple levels, including sexually. And while orgasmic breathing is a difficult type of hands-free orgasm to achieve, it is not impossible. It'll take a lot of work and many sessions, but if you're focused enough, it could be possible for you.

To practice orgasmic breathing, get in a comfortable position, breathe slowing through the nose and out the mouth. Then, when you breathe in, allow your breath to flow down to your pelvic floor. Begin doing kegel exercises simultaneously, and allow the blood to flow to your pelvis. 

5. Nipple Play

The nipples are a highly sensitive erogenous zone, especially for women. And actually, the same parts of the brain are activated when a woman's nipples are stimulated than when the clitoris, vagina, and cervix are. Because of this, it's not hard to believe that nipple stimulation alone has the power to induce a hands-free orgasm!

Nipple Play

6. Sensual BDSM Play

The art of BDSM has many facets that do not include the genitals at all. Things like breath play, spanking, bondage, verbal degradation, wax play etc. all encompass sensuality and connection. So when you're practicing these types of BDSM acts with someone you fully trust and there's mutual consent, a hands-free orgasm is completely possible.

7. Tantric Massage

Some tantric massages don't involve the touching of the genitals at all, but is more so an activity that encourages closeness, arousal, and the exchanging of sexual energy between partners. Creating a warm, loving, and nurturing space to enjoy a tantric massage is just as important as the act itself, but be sure to practice it with someone you trust and feel 100 percent comfortable with.

Tantric Massage

7 Sex Toys to Give You Delicious Hands-Free Orgasms

1. Whistle: Wearable Panty Vibrator

Chances are, you'll be whistling with sheer delight after taking this wearable panty vibrator out for a spin! It fit nicely inside your panties, targeting your G-spot or prostate and perineum! Lined with ridges and various vibrations modes and intensities, this remote-control sex toy will bring you unexpected hands-free orgasms whenever with the touch of a button!

2. Vibrating Pebble Massager

Petite, cute, but so unbelievably powerful! This little Vibrating Pebble Massager can be nestled sweetly inside your panties, giving you jolts of clitoral pleasure when you're in the mood for some hands-free fun! Another perk? It's 100 percent waterproof, so you can take your self-care routine to a whole new level in the bathtub!


3. Angel: Remote Control Panty Vibrator Set

An angel of pleasure, you'll fall in lust with the Angel Remote Control Panty Vibrator Set. It's adorably small, but definitely brings the action when you crave it! Simply place it inside the panties, and use its handy remote at any time for a sensual surprise and ultimate hands-free orgasm! Like your best kept secret, this toy is perfect for sexy date nights out and about, or when you're feeling frisky at home.

4. Foxy Couples Vibrator

 Get your rocks off with this dual couples vibrator with remote control! It's a wearable pleasure product that's worn by her either in such a way that both partners can enjoy the vibes during sex, or she could simply wear it when the mood strikes for a bit of cheeky partner masturbation or solo play!


5. Tickler: Wearable Vibrator

One of the most versatile wearable vibrators available today, the Tickler is definitely something you need to get your hands on... for hands-free orgasms! It's a treat for both men and women, having the ability to stimulate either the G-spot or the P-spot, as well as the clitoris or perineum. A waterproof marvel that ticks all of your boxes!

6. Tracy's Dog OG Air 2 Suction Vibrator with Remote

A true winner is the Tracy's Dog OG Air 2 Suction Vibrator with Remote. If you've yet to try a suction vibrator, and adore dual stimulation, then this lovely piece of art is for you! It is inserted for some sensual yet powerful G-spot stimulation, whilst the second tip uses air pulses to tease the clitoris. Not just that, but with its remote, you can engage in all kinds of couples play, indoors or elsewhere...


7. Please Her Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Curved to perfection, the Please Her vibrator has a little nub in just the right spot, ready to stimulate, tickle, and please your clit. It's a multifunction remote control panty vibrator that's waterproof for some sassy water play, and is made of soft purple-coated silicone. An absolute beauty! 


You see, folks! Hands-free orgasms aren't a myth... they're actually entirely achievable! And isn't it about time you jumped on the hands-free pleasure train? We definitely think so!

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