Hit the Right Spot! The 8 Best G-Spot Vibrators To Buy Today

There's an entire world of sensual bliss that awaits those about to use a G-spot sex toy! This magical pleasure product is so deliciously tantalising, it'll grace those with a vulva with a new kind of orgasm... an orgasm that may be even better than clitoral! 

And while the stats state that most women need some kind of clitoral stimulation in order to reach climax, there are several G-spot sex toys that offer dual stimulation. What does that mean for the user? A blended orgasm that's double intense and euphorically satisfying. 

Who do we have to thank for introducing us to the G-spot? Dr. Berverly Whipple! This sexologist happened to discover that when the "come hither" motion was used inside of the vagina, either with fingers or a sex toy, intense pleasure was often reached. In fact, many women admit to squirting when their G-spot was stimulated.

So, if you're new to G-spot stimulation, we recommend using one of these bad boys to heighten your arousal and your climax! Or, if you're a partner considering buying your girlfriend a vibrator, keep reading!

G-Spot Sex Toy

What is the G-Spot?

The Gräfenberg spot, aka the G-spot, is a region that's a part of the clitoral network. In other words, stimulating the G-spot actually results in clitoral stimulation simultaneously. 

You see, the clitoris isn't just a pea-sized nub that many believe it to be. It's actually shaped like a wishbone with two root-like structures that are around four inches long. 

Where is the G-Spot?

The G-spot could be difficult to find at first, but practice always makes perfect. It's located along the inner front wall of the vagina, about two to three inches inside, and is made up of nerve endings and erectile tissue.

It feels slightly raised or bumpy, and tends to swell when stimulated, increasing arousal and allowing for even more stimulation.

To find the G-spot, lie on your back, and position your fingers or toy towards 12 o' clock... if you were to imagine the surface being a clock's face. 

G Spot Sex Toys

What is a G-Spot Sex Toy?

A G-spot sex toy is a pleasure product that is designed in such a way to target this erogenous zone with exact precision.

Basically, it has a curved tip that's either smooth or detailed with ridges or bumps, and is able to reach your most sweetest spots with ease.

And actually, a G-spot sex toy is a lot easier to use than your or your lover's fingers, and can really hit the right spot almost effortlessly.

G-Spot Stimulatiom

Top 8 G-Spot Vibrators

Ready to dive into the world of G-spot vibrators? Or perhaps you're looking for a new toy to add to your collection?

We recommend these 8 G-spot vibrators for quivering pleasure... or, if you fancy taking a peek at all of our G-spot sex toys, click here.

1. Tracy's Dog Pecker Pulsating G-Spot Vibrator

With two motors, this dream-come-true is a beautiful lilac, and is generously curved for maximum pleasure. And while it has been designed to target your G-spot, it can also be used on your other erogenous zones for a little warm up! Enjoy 10 different vibration patterns and intensities, and take it into the bathtub with you for an extra splash of arousal, if that's what you fancy!

2. G-Booster Vibrator

A real panty-dropper, the G-Booster Vibrator from TOYJOY is a treat for anyone with a vulva. It offers dual capabilities, which means you'll be whisked away to new zones of pleasure as it massages, teases, and pleases your clitoris and G-spot at the same time. And it has two motors for that extra oomph!

 TOYJOY G-Spot Toy

3. Tracy's Dog G-Spot Vibrator

Sometimes the most pleasurable things in life are simplistic... like this Tracy's Dog G-spot Vibrator. This sex toy doesn't need to show off with fancy bells and whistles as its functionality is just so mind blowing. A sleek light blue piece of heaven for your next best G-spot orgasm.

4. Satisfyer App Enabled Mono Flex Vibrator

A true sex toy connoisseur, Satisfyer has perfected the art of the rabbit vibrator! This nifty babe offers dual stimulation at the same time, aka G-spot and clitoral stimulation, and is elegant, powerful, and simply gorgeous. With this sexy number, you can enjoy sensations from two motors giving you even more arousal, waterproof capabilities, and the ability to use it with the Satisfyer app.


5. Tracy's Dog Dual Vibrator Suction Vibe

Want to have it all? Shake up your self-care routine anytime you fancy with a G-spot sex toy that's actually a 3-in-1! A super versatile piece of art that can be used as a G-spot vibrator, clitoral sucker, or a magic wand! This marvel is perfect for the days that you crave precise stimulation or those moments you prefer a more mild and general kind of delight!

6.  Mega Black Powerful Vibrator

Twist and turn yourself into your most sensual position with this super flexible treat! The Mega Black G-Spot Vibrator has a bulbous tip, and ridges and grooves on the shaft, to really stimulate your sweet spot until a mind blowing release. It has nine vibrational patterns and intensities, a sleek O ring that makes it easier to hold, and is 100 percent waterproof! Dreams do come true!

Tracy's Dog Mega Black Powerful Vibrator
7. Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

Sit back and allow this Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator to do all the hard work for you with its incredible thrusting capabilities. No more fighting and fussing in order to get the most tantalising stimulation possible! This gorgeous pleasure product has two motors for double trouble, an O-ring making it easier to hold, and has four different thrusting modes and nine vibration modes! A classic, reinvented!

8. Tracy's Dog G-Spot Vibrator

G-spot pleasure has never looked sexier! The Tracy's Dog G-Spot Vibrator looks and feels like absolute luxury, and can stimulate both your sweet spots! Enjoy gentle vibration or more intense waves of clitoral stimulation, and be overcome with arousal with its curved and ridged shaft teasing you into explosive climaxes!

G-Spot Wellness Products

Intimate Earth Discover G-Spot Stimulating Serum

Want to add a little bit of spice to your G-spot stimulation self-care routine? The G-Spot Stimulating Serum from Intimate Earth is a soft and silky sexual wellness product that's 100 percent organic. It works by encouraging more blood flow to your erogenous zone, resulting in bigger orgasms and even more pleasure!

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about this special little spot that vulva owners are lucky to have! Ready to explore your G-spot?

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