Get Sensual! Different Types of Erotic Massage & Their Benefits

While none of the five senses is more important than the other, touch can be a very intimate, sensual, sexual, and healing experience, if done the right way.

Certain types of touch, like a massage for example, has the power to increase our feelings of wellbeing, induce physical relaxation, spiritually connection, and mental balance.

So today, we're going to focus on the art of erotic massage. We'll cover everything from what is an erotic massage, and the different kinds of massages, to different massage oils to use for a really sensual experience. 

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Tantric Massage

What is an Erotic Massage?

An erotic massage is when one person massages another (their body and oftentimes, erogenous zones) in order to evoke sexual pleasure. It's a passionate, slow, and arousing experience that may or may not lead to climax.

There are several types of erotic massage, some of which are more sexual than others.

Erotic massages can be enjoyed between partners, like a new and delicious kind of foreplay, or one can visit a high class erotic massage agency, like Karma Tantric in London, who specialises in various types of erotic massage.

An erotic massage can also be called a 'sexual massage' or a 'sensual massage'.

Sexual Massage

4 Different Types of Erotic Massage

While there are several different ways to enjoy an erotic massage, and each experience is unique, the four main types of erotic massage include: tantric, nuru, yoni, and lingam. 

In a twist, the main goal of experiencing an erotic massage is not actually about reaching climax, but enjoying the sensual experience, being present in the moment, and basking in non-judgmental pleasure.

Tantric Massage

A tantric massage is focused on energy and breath. It can be an extremely healing experience, as the goal is to remove blockages and tension that's inhibiting sexual and spiritual wellbeing.

A tantric massage is generally a full-body massage, but the genitals don't need to be stimulated. The main goal is to arouse sexual energy and consciously move the energy around the body. Sometimes, a full-body orgasm is a result of a tantric massage.

Types of Tantric Massage

Nuru Massage

Nuru is a Japanese word that means 'slippery', and that's essentially what a nuru massage is... a slippery massage. That, and the act of one person massaging another using their own body. 

During a nuru massage, bother partners (or masseuse and client) will be lathered in oils with a body-to-body massage to follow. This massage technique allows for the widest possible physical contact between two people, and thus oftentimes includes all of the genitals and erogenous zones.   

Nuru Massage

Yoni Massage

A yoni massage is a type of sensual massage for women, and is not only an arousing experience, but can also be an excellent way in which to work through and overcome any past sexual trauma.

This is because it is all about using slow, methodical, and sensual techniques in a safe, trusted, and gentle environment. 

A yoni massage involves focusing on the vulva and vagina, but its main goal is not climax. It's about experiencing deep pleasure, and becoming comfortable with and learning about one's own body. If an orgasm does occur, it's an added bonus.

Yoni Massage

Lingam Massage

A lingam massage focuses on the male genitalia, aka the penis, and sometimes the testicles, perineum, and prostate. It's an experience that honours, stimulates, circulates, and pleasures the penis.

And just like the yoni massage, the goal of a lingam massage is not climax. It is about enjoying the journey, moving sexual energy, creating arousal, and possibly removing any negative pre-conceived notions about one's penis or healing past sexual trauma.

Lingam Massage

What Are the Benefits of an Erotic Massage?

There are several benefits of an erotic massage, spanning across several spheres—mentally, spiritually, physically, and sexually.

Some of the biggest benefits are that:

  • an erotic massage awakens your more sexual side
  • an erotic massage encourages whole-body stimulation and the movement of sexual energy
  • an erotic massage involves educating others to use their breath to increase intimacy
  • an erotic massage can induce multiple or full-body orgasms
  • an erotic massage can enhance one's stamina in the bedroom
  • an erotic massage can remove anxiety surrounding touch or intimacy
  • an erotic massage can help survivors work through their trauma

Erotic Massage Benefits

Massage Oils for the Perfect Erotic Massage

If you're hoping to start giving or receiving erotic massages with your partner, there are so many decadent oils that are perfect for this kind of experience.

For Everyone:

For Vulva-Owners:

Intimate Earth Mojo Penis Stimulant Gel


So, for those hoping to visit a professional for an erotic massage, we recommend doing lots of research on various places before choosing an agency. Think about what you'd like to achieve from your massage, and go for a place that aligns with your goals.  

The most important thing to remember when receiving one, is to relax, trust the process, feel the sensual and sexual energy, and to allow yourself the chance to experience all of the pleasure. 

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