Why Butt Plug Pleasure is Utterly Blissful!

Anal play may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there's actually a whole lot of pleasure to be experienced from this kind of sexual activity. And in fact, everyone can benefit from a little anal stimulation. We say, don't knock it until you try it!

So, if you are interested in learning more about this pleasure zone, let us tell you why we're big advocates of anal play and anal sex toys.


Why Everyone Should Try Anal Stimulation

While slightly outdated, a scientific study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that 94 percent of those who engaged in anal sex or anal stimulation, orgasmed! That's quite impressive, right?

And what is it about anal stimulation that causes these big 'O's? Well, the anus is rife with sensitive nerve endings. Many of these nerve endings are connected to the genitals, which means that stimulating them causes an even bigger kind of pleasure.

Gender and Anal Play

Looking at anal bliss and gender, CIS men (those who were born with a penis and identify as a man) have a magical walnut-sized gland inside the anus, called the prostate. This erogenous zone has huge potential when it comes to strong whole-body orgasms.

Massaging the prostate is also super beneficial for your physical health. This gland produces semen, which assists sperm in traveling and surviving. And when the prostate is massaged, it helps empty the prostate ducts, helping to remove any swelling. It may also help improve erectile dysfunction.

In CIS women (those who were born with a vagina and identify as a woman) have the power to stimulate the G-spot and the A-spot during anal stimulation. This is because these two erogenous zones can be found along the vaginal wall, and thus are indirectly stimulated during anal penetration.

Context: the G-spot can be found around one inch inside of the vagina. It's a magical part of the anatomy that, when stimulated, can create pulsating orgasms. The A-spot is sensitive tissue that can be found around two inches higher than the G-spot, between the cervix and the bladder. When stimulated, the A-spot can increase wetness, and bring on grandiose climaxes. 

The Taboo Factor

Biology aside, there's another reason why so many people love anal play... the taboo factor!

Because society often promotes p-in-v penetration, anal stimulation offers just a touch of naughtiness to your sexual trysts. This can increase your level of arousal and be a huge turn-on for some.

Man's Butt

Exploration of New Pleasure Zones

Then there's the matter of simply being sexually curious. Our bodies are capable of such amazing things, pleasure being one of them. And if there's a part of ourselves that can induce even bigger climaxes, why not give it a go?

It's extremely powerful and liberating to take control of your sexuality, and in doing so, you may just come across new ways to reach your very best climax.

Anal Sex Toys

Knowledge is power! And now that you're more familiar with all of the wonderful euphoria that's possible with anal play, we'd love to introduce you to a few anal sex toys, more specifically... butt plugs! 

Psst! See our full range of butt plugs here.

Woman's Butt

8 Butt Plugs for Utter Bliss

1. PipeDream Vibrating Glass Butt Plug with Remote Control

A glass butt plug perfect for anal stimulation and temperature play. A double win, if you will. We especially love this butt plug because it comes with a suction cup and remote control, making your play time even easier and sexier. Choose between the bulb, curved, or bullet shape.

2. Jewelled Rainbow Butt Plug

 Made not only for pure pleasure, but also an aesthetically adorable piece. This tapered butt plug allows you to slowly glide your way into a new kind of sensation, and looks absolutely fabulous while doing so. Choose between small, medium, or large, depending on your preference.

Jewelled Butt Plug


3. Jewelled Butt Plug Set

Another beautiful butt plug that shines, this jewelled pleasure product looks super cute and allows you to do a bit of anal training. In other words, it comes with three butt plugs of different sizes, allowing you to work your way up according to your preferred stimulation.

4. CalExotics Anal Explorer Butt Plug Kit with Douche

A three-piece set with everything you'll need to start your anal adventure. It comes with a butt plug, anal beads, and a douche... the perfect way to enter a new kind of blissful euphoria.

5. Large Anal Butt Plug Set

Three gorgeous butt plugs of varying sizes, made for those who want to try anal training or who prefer different kinds of stimulation from one day to the other. These sleek butt plugs are smooth, tapered, and great to use either solo or with a partner.

6. CalExotics Remote Control Anal Adventure Set

Dabble in two different kinds of sensual play with this anal set. It comes with one butt plug and a cock ring, so both can be used during solo fun for him, or during partnered play. Grab the remote and let the fun begin.

CalExotics Remote Control Anal Adventure Set

7. Tickler Wearable Vibrator

A sexy secret that gives you all good vibes whenever you crave it, the Tickler is a wearable vibrator that can be used for anal stimulation or G-spot stimulation. It comes with a remote control, making it perfect for date night antics or some solo fun.

8. Tracy's Dog 'Carl' 360 Vibrating Butt Plug

A big boost in sex tech, Carl is your new adventure partner in play time. This buzzing and meticulously designed butt plug is more suited for regular anal players. Its base rotates at 360 degrees for extra stimulation, and it's embellished with beads for an absolute pleasure boost.

Tracy's Dog 'Carl' 360 Vibrating Butt Plug

Tips for Safe & Pleasurable Butt Plug Play

Fancy giving one of these sensual butt plug sex toys a whirl? Or maybe you're adding something sensual to your collection! Either way, following these tips will ensure that you're always safe during your anal play time.

1. Hygiene

 Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before play time, and clean and disinfect your toys every single time before use. This also applies if you're sharing anal toys. This is to prevent infections, and to reduce the risk of STI's.

2. Lube

Lube is an absolute essential when engaging in anal play, because this part of the body doesn't produce natural lubricant.

Without lube, you'll be setting yourself up for pain and discomfort... the opposite of what anal fun should feel like. Grab your favourite lube, or try one that's been created especially for anal play (like the Mojo Water-Based Anal Relaxing Glide or the Adventure Relaxing Anal Serum from Intimate Earth).

Intimate Earth Relaxing Anal Adventure Serum

3. Health

You should refrain from anal play if you have conditions such as haemorrhoids, anal fissures or prolapse, or prostate concerns. If you're unsure, it's probably best to consult a professional beforehand.

4. Slow

Slow and steady always wins the race. Start off with loads of foreplay to relax, and when you decide to play, go gently and slowly. Any rapid or fast movements will mostly likely cause great discomfort. 

Ready to rock a butt plug? If so, yay! You're about to enter a world full of immeasurable pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

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