10 Anal Sex Toys and Wellness Products for Even More Anal Fun!

Anal stimulation is a whole new ballgame when it comes to erotic pleasure. Sure, getting your front stimulated in a teasingly arousing way is amazing, but there's something perhaps even more powerful about showing some love to your back!

And while there's still some stigma attached to anal play, we're encouraging you to explore a new part of yourself. One that may just lead you to stronger bouts of euphoria.  It can't hurt to try it, right? (As long as you use lube and take it slow, obv!)

So, whether you're a beginner or simply looking to try something new, we're sure you'll find something saucy in our list of 10 anal sex toys and wellness products to fall in lust with (or see our full range of anal sex toys and products here).

Anal Sex Toys

But first, let us tell you some of the magical pros of using an anal sex toy...

The Prostate!

The prostate, often known as 'the P-spot' or the 'male G-spot', is a walnut-sized gland that can be found inside the anus of men. More specifically, it's between the bladder and the penis, in front of the rectum.

The job of this little wonder is to produce fluid (semen) that nourishes and protects sperm. It's also an erogenous zone that, when stimulated, is capable of inducing massive orgasms because of its many surrounding nerve endings. 

In fact, a penile orgasm is said to induce around four to eight pelvic contractions, while prostate orgasms are often 12. The recovery process is also usually quicker with prostate orgasms, which may offer some men the chance to experience multiple orgasms.

Prostate Anal Sex Toys

The Butt!

Butts... we all have one! And what does that mean? That we can all go on an anal adventure! And just as we mentioned the nerve endings surrounding the prostate, the anus has a ton of them in and around too!

Not just that, but women who enjoy anal play can have their A-spot stimulated indirectly during anal stimulation, which is another highly-pleasurable spot! 

Basically, an anal orgasm is possible for all... isn't that some fabulous news?

Having said that, make your way to your chosen heading, and check out the tantalising anal sex toys and products that are a must-have for anal fun!

Anal Sex Toy Products

Prostate Massager Anal Sex Toys

If you have a prostate, these anal toys are for you...

Tracy's Dog 'Mr Deer' Remote Control Prostate Massager

Two motors for that extra oomph, you'll love the 'Mr Deer' from Tracy's Dog! This pleasure product gently and erotically targets the prostate and the perineum (another erogenous zone full of nerve endings). It's also extra flexible so you can be sure that it'll hit all the right spots!

It too comes with a remote for easier solo play or couples trysts, and actually, it can be used to target the G-spot in women too! Double win!

'Bob Vibe' Prostate Massager Grenade Anal Vibrator

An anal sex toy with all of the thrills and frills! It's textured with different patterns and nodules for even more stimulation, rotates at the base, has a bulbous tip that's perfected for exact precision, and comes with a remote control for all kinds of sexy fun.

Another excellent anal sex toy that can be used to target the G-spot in women, if so desired!

Tarzan Vibrating Prostate Massager

A simple, sleek, and luxurious-looking prostate massager with a flared base, perfect for experimenting! It varies in size, allowing you to experience different kinds of sensations, depending on your preference. 

Use the remote control to add in some tantalising vibrations, and enjoy unique and sensual prostate excitement. Then finally, a mind blowing climax!

Tracy's Dog Thrusting Anal Prostate Massager

Get the best of both worlds with a thrusting prostate massager that not only stimulates the P-spot but also the perineum.

It comes with a remote-control so you can curate your solo self-care routine effortlessly, or have some couples fun!

Tracy's Dog Thrusting Prostate Massager Anal Sex Toy

Butt Plug Anal Sex Toys

If you have a butt, these anal sex toys are for you... aka, a list of provocative toys for all anal lovers.

Jewelled Butt Plug Set

Add a bit of sparkle to your anal pleasure routine with this jewelled butt plug set. It comes with three different butt plugs, all of varying size, so they're not just a pretty face! In fact, they're the perfect option for those who want to try anal training.

They're easy to insert and remove, and flexible enough to create your most comfortable experience.

Tracy's Dog 'Carl' 360 Vibrating Butt Plug

Carl is a feisty one, suitable for those experienced in anal play. That's because it's large and definitely in charge! This bad boy has a strong motor, a beaded base that rotates for extra stimulation, and 10 different vibration patterns.

It's a butt plug that is different from the rest, as it gives off the sensation of being rimmed. In other words, you'll experience euphoric waves of pleasure similar to a twirling tongue!

Your Pleasure Toys Large Anal Butt Plugs Sets

Don't be too intimidated by the name, these butt plugs are actually of varying sizes. That means that you can start off small and work your way up in size, making it a win for beginners in anal play or anal training.

This set comes with three different plugs, of which you can pick your favourite... the bulb shape, the bottleneck shape, or the sensual wave shape.


Anal Douches

Accidents happen! Which is why it's important to have hygienic practices in place to make sure that your anal adventures are ones that keep you smiling...

BathMate Hydro Rocket Douche

This douche prepares you for takeoff in the most sensual way possible. Its rocket-shape makes it adorably inconspicuous, but don't let that take away from its function...

This anal douche works easily and effortlessly, allowing for impeccable hygiene and lots of fun in between the sheets.  

BathMate Hydro Rocket Anal Douche

Anal Lube

Lube is considered the quintessentials of sexual health. And using it can create even more pleasurable experiences for everyone. But when it comes to anal play, it's definitely a requirement.

Intimate Earth Ease Relaxing Anal Silicone Glide

If you're looking for a silicone-based lube for your anal sex toy or anal adventures, the Relaxing Anal Serum is top notch. You'll adore the Intimate Earth anal lube range because of its natural ingredients, and capabilities.

For example, this lube doesn't numb the sphincter, but merely relaxes it, making anal play more enjoyable. The secret? Bisabolol, a natural extract that soothes and relaxes.

Intimate Earth Soothe Anal Water-Based Glide

If you're more of a water-based lube fan, the Intimate Earth Soothe Anal Glide is soft and safe on the skin, and even more effective for passionate anal trysts.

It's unscented and has been formulated using guava bark, a natural extract that not only helps you glide into all kinds of pleasure, but also contains antibacterial properties for safer encounters.

Intimate Earth Soothe Anal Glide

So folx, prepare yourself for all kinds of new and different sensations with these sexy anal sex toys and sexual wellness products for super impressive anal fun!


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