How to Boost Your Sexual Confidence

Sexual confidence, like most things, ebbs and flows. Whether you’re single or in a long-term relationship, sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason to the pattern of your sexual confidence. If you find yourself second guessing that you’re a goddess, we have a few confidence-boosting tips and tricks!

Play to Your Assets

Body positivity and sex positivity often go hand in hand, and nobody knows you like you do. Play to all your best assets for a while and see the changes. Wear your favourite clothes, listen to music that gives puts pep in your step and make sure you are speaking kindly to yourself and about yourself. The first step to sexual confidence is improving your general self-confidence.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is so important, no matter how you are feeling about yourself, but especially when you’re not feeling your best. It can feel like a chore when you already feel down but taking the time for a hot soak in the bath, your favourite fragrances, some time on your hair and make-up can do wonders for your confidence. If your sexual confidence is down to general sluggishness, remember that eating right and exercising right can have a huge impact on your libido.


If you believe your body confidence and your sexual confidence is intertwined, it could be time to consider wearing lingerie in the bedroom that conceals areas you’re not confident in and accentuates areas you are confident in. Finding the right lingerie can really boost your confidence and enhance the mood.

Know Yourself

How comfortable you are with yourself can impact how comfortable you are with a partner so take time to get to know yourself. Masturbation and self-love can really help you get to grips with what your body wants and needs. If you’re feeling like a quick win could boost your sexual confidence, don’t be afraid to use a sex toy to help you get there.

Everyone could do with a confidence boost every now and again so remember not to be so hard on yourself but treat yourself nicely and your sexual confidence is bound to return!

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