International Women’s Day – How can we Prioritise Female Pleasure?

For too many years it has been accepted that men’s pleasure – and their completion, is the most important part of sex. A woman’s completion? Well that’s option…right? Whilst we don’t believe the pressure of reaching orgasm helps sex, and not reaching orgasm doesn’t make playing any less fun, we think there needs to be more discussion around ensuring all women get to explore their sexuality, their pleasure and their orgasms. So, how can we prioritise female pleasure?


The more we know about our own bodies and each other’s bodies, the better. Knowledge is power – and pleasure! Knowing what you want and need from sex, where feels good and what really gets you going helps you better ask for what you need from your partner during sex. It’s also important to acknowledge the general lack of knowledge people have about the vulva and what it needs to get off, so information is key. That’s why we commit to weekly advice, tips and information on our blog.


We know life is busy and chaotic and you have a million things to do, but just like we’re told to prioritise health and wellbeing with what we eat and how we handle our mental health, a similar attitude can be taken to our sexual health. We need to stay on top of what we need, whether that be replenishing stocks of lube or introducing new toys into our life. The more you play, the more you’ll want to play, and sex and orgasms have a great many health benefits from reducing stress and tension to increasing endorphins and making you happier!

Don’t Fake it

There has been lots of discussion about faking orgasms recently and we think it’s great to talk about. If you do, why do you? Is it for you, to get the sex over with, or for your partner, to spare their feelings? Lots of partners express that being fooled to think you finished when you didn’t is worse than patiently taking your time and explaining what you need. The more you fake pleasure, the more your partner is likely to repeat what they were doing at that time, so if that wasn’t working for you, you’ve shot yourself in the clit!

Claim what’s rightfully yours, incredible pleasure and great orgasms! We’re proud, at  Your Pleasure Toys, to empower, inspire and provide women with the highest quality products to enhance their experiences.

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