Come Closer! Mutual Masturbation: a New Kind of Foreplay!

Come closer... we've got a little secret for you! A secret that'll increase your pleasure and arousal during foreplay! Not just yours though, your partner's too! Intrigued? 

Introducing mutual masturbation... a different way to enjoy sensual sessions with your favourite lover. 

How to mutual masturbation

What is Mutual Masturbation?

Mutual masturbation is when two people masturbate, simultaneously. This could be the old-school way, using one's hands, or it could be with the use of sex toys.

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There are two different ways you can enjoy this cheeky bout of foreplay:

  • Each partner plays with themselves at the same time, providing an excellent view for both players
  • Both partners masturbate each other at the same time

Both are equally as erotic, and provide all kinds of stimulating benefits that you may not have even realised...

Benefits mutual masturbation

What Are the Benefits of Mutual Masturbation?

You may be wondering how masturbating with a partner could possibly mean numerous benefits for both of you. And sure, sometimes solo masturbation is an absolute treat, and other times, you may just want to go straight for 'the deed'.

But hear us out when we say that this sexy practice could actually bring you and your partner closer together while having positive benefits on your sex life as a whole.

How to do mutual masturbation

9 Amazing Benefits of Mutual Masturbation Include:

1. Pleasure Perfectly Curated

You can enjoy pleasure exactly as you like it, hitting all of the right spots that make your toes curl... and the same goes for your partner.

2. A Sexy Teaching Moment

Mutual masturbation can be an 'educational' activity. Your partner can watch you in the throes of ecstasy, and see exactly how and what you did that got you so riled up. This can result in giving and receiving even more pleasure with your partner in the future.

3. Engage in a Side of Kink

It's an opportunity to engage in a bit of voyeurism/exhibitionism, experiencing what it's like to watch and be watched during your most intimate moments.

Kinky mutual masturbation

4. A Porno Brought to Life

Mutual masturbation is like your own little erotic entertainment, like a porno brought to life. It can be highly orgasmic for some to watch someone else masturbating and or experiencing orgasm. 

5. Introducing Sex Toys

Mutual masturbation is the perfect opportunity to introduce sex toys into the relationship, as you can show or see just how intensely magical pleasure products can be in the bedroom.

6. Pleasure Win-Win

It's a win-win when it comes to both partners experiencing ultimate pleasure. As they say, partners who play together, stay together.

mutual masturbation pleasure

7. Safety

It's a safe practice, and also social distancing-friendly, which can take away some of the anxiety surrounding COVID-19 or STIs. You could also enjoy mutual masturbation over a video call.

8. A Buildup of Arousal

It's a great form of foreplay that'll surely get both partners aroused, ready to devour one another in other kinds of lust.

9. Reduces Performance Anxiety

Billions of people worldwide view penetrative sex as the 'main event'. This can cause performance anxiety, especially in men, whereas mutual masturbation focuses more on sensuality and shared bliss.

Men mutual masturbation

How Can You Experience the Best Mutual Masturbation with Your Partner?

So, perhaps we've piqued your interest, but you're not really sure on how to get started with mutual masturbation. No worries!

With these tips, you'll be enjoying this sexy practice in no time... and loving it!

10 Tips on How to Enjoy Mutual Masturbation with Your Partner

Communication: Talk about your interest in mutual masturbation with your partner. Take a moment to think about the best way in which your partner communicates. Is it verbally, visually, written? Then, when you're both in a good mood, relaxed, and feel ready, share your desire to engage in mutual masturbation. Mention the benefits, and also how it would be such a turn on to see them pleasuring themselves.

Choose the right time: Plan your tryst according to your schedule. If you find yourselves particularly aroused at a certain time of the day, use this time. If you've got errands or responsibilities, clear your schedule for uninterrupted time together.

Build up: If you've planned your little adventure, you can use different techniques to build up the anticipation. Sexting or sharing cheeky pics is a great tool for arousal (just be sure to do it safely and with someone you trust).

Eye contact: Eye contact during mutual masturbation is even more intense than without. And can you imagine looking into your lover's eyes as you reach climax? Powerful!

partner mutual masturbation

Sex toys: There are so many different sex toys you can use during mutual masturbation, depending on what kind of stimulation you and your partner enjoy. There are clitoral sex toys, G-spot pleasure products, anal stimulation toys, and even various lubes, gels, and balms to bring tingles to your most intimate spaces. 

Create an inviting space: If you're all about creating a warm and inviting space before intimacy, you could light some candles, set down some new sheets, play music, or do whatever else it is that'll make you feel even more pleasure.

Get comfortable: During your steamy session of mutual masturbation, make sure you're both comfortable. Find a position that makes you feel confident, because nothing is more sexy than confidence.

Female Masturbation

All five senses: Just like some may want to create a warm and inviting space, using all of your five senses is a great way to feel even closer to your partner. Use a bit of perfume or cologne, let out soft moans if you're into that, use soft sheets, and give your partner a show they'll never forget.

Dress to impress: As we mentioned, confidence is sexy! Find an outfit that makes you feel super sensual and confident, and you'll be sure to wow yourself and your partner.

Video call: If in-person mutual masturbation isn't possible, organising a video call is the next best thing. Just be sure to set time aside as not to have any interruptions, and make sure you're doing the video call with someone you trust.

Partnered Masturbation

So, now that you're 100 percent ready to engage in the lustful act of mutual masturbation, when are you planning to knock your and your partner's socks off?

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