New Toy New Me – Products you Need to Know About

New stock has landed! We all know that sex toys are a fantastic way to keep things fresh in a relationship – it’s good to keep bringing something new to the table. That’s why we, at Your Pleasure Toys, are always on the lookout for the best of the best in the sex toy world. If there is a new technology, we want to know about it and if people are raving about a new product, we’ll hear about it! Our sexperts have been on the hunt and we’ve just had a new shipment of quality sex toys. New toy new me! Here are the products you need to know about!


Mr Duckie Suction Vibrator

There’s a new bird in town ruffling some feathers! As the only official distributor of Tracy’s Dog sex toys in the UK, we’re always keeping an eye on the most loved toys and Mr Duckie certainly makes the cut! This Suction Vibrator is perfectly shaped to fit your palm for easy placement over the clit. With 7 vibration modes you can ease your way into one of the best orgasms ever and, because it’s easily mistaken for a rubber duck toy, he won’t stand out if you keep him in your bathroom for use in the tub!


G-Spot Vibrator

We all get it off differently and whilst we know Tracy’s Dog is famous for delivering just what you need for your clitoral orgasms, this one’s for the ladies who love internal penetration that hits the G-spot! The Tracy’s Dog G-Spot Vibrator is curved to fit perfectly into position, slightly heated to make it feel like the real deal and delivers 10 patterns of throbbing stimulation for spellbinding pleasure! Also, waterproof!


Suction Rabbit Vibrator

Want to take it up a level and enjoy a sex toy that gives you clitoral and G-spot stimulation, the Tracy’s Dog G-Spot Suction Rabbit Vibrator is just what the sex doctor ordered! This clever 3-in-1 toy boasts g-spot suction, a powerful vibrating tip and the famous rabbit clitoris stimulation. With 7 suction modes and 7 vibration modes, you’re in for a real treat when you find the right mode for you!


Tracy’s Dog Male Vibrating Butt Plug

This is another Tracy’s Dog toy that’s got a huge reputation – and that’s not the only thing that’s huge about it! This butt plug’s size makes it not the toy to start your butt plug journey with! For those who do have experience, this is one hell of a toy! The powerful motor has 10 sheet-clenching vibration patterns whilst the beads at the neck of the toy also have 10 rotating patterns to mimic a swirling tongue. It even comes with a remote for couple play!


All of the new stock is selling fast so make sure you buy whatever you have your eye on soon to avoid disappointment! Already sold out? Click ‘notify me’ to be the first to know when new stock lands!


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