Five Facts About the Clitoris

We all know by now that the clitoris is a magic button of sorts! For most women it is a haven of pleasure, incredibly sensitive and the key to immensely pleasurable orgasms. If we take a look at our best-selling toys here at Your Pleasure Toys, it is clear that our customers want the clitoris to be the main event! As the only official UK distributor of Tracy’s Dog, and having sold thousands of that notorious sex toy, we thought we’d write about the clitoris this week. Here are five facts you might not have known to help you become more cliterate!


It’s solely for pleasure

What really baffles researchers about the clitoris is that it is the only organ in the body who has the sole function of providing pleasure. It doesn’t do anything else and is not responsible for anyting else. It literally contributes nothing but pleasure – and the more people research orgasms, the more they know that the clitoris is a crucial element of climaxing. Give the clitoris what it wants!


It has a lot of nerve

No really! The clitoris is the most nerve-rich part of the vulva and has about 8000 nerve endings – that’s twice as many nerve endings than the penis! But, when you pop off the hood and get right down to it, it’s so much more than that. It actually spreads to 15,000 other nerves in and around the pelvis – which would explain the hip-bucking orgasms now wouldn’t it?


It’s quite similar to a penis

Not in looks of course! But the anatomy of the clitoris is actually quite similar to that of a penis. It has a protective hood, like foreskin, is the tip of the iceberg of pleasure, like the tip of a penis, has glans and spongy erectile tissue and branches off into a pair of wings called the crura – which looks a lot like a wishbone on the inside. Why does your clitoris feel so hot when you’re aroused? Because the crura leads to clitoral vestibules, sac-like tissues which become engorged with blood when you’re horny!


It gets erect

It’s not just the penis that gets erect! The clitoris, whilst much less noticeable than an erect penis, does grow in size when you’re aroused. The vestibules we mentioned above mean the clitoris swells and grows in size – making it easier to be found! The blood that rushes here is not released until climax when it escapes through orgasmic spasms.


It grows with age

Just like other body parts, the clitoris can change as you age. It can change in size and dimensions over time and, often, dependent on hormone changes. After menopause, for example, many women find that their clit enlarges.


Keep your clitoris happy with a clit sucker – great for solo play or to enhance sex with a partner! How many of these facts did you know? Let us know on social media by chatting to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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