Our Most Discreet Pleasure Toys

Sex and masturbation are very much natural, it is good and healthy to be in tune with our bodies and, therefore, we don’t think that pleasure toys should be something to hide or be embarrassed about. That being said, your pleasure is your own to own it and that’s also seriously cool! No one has to shout about what gets them off, and secrets are fun to keep too. Whether you’ve got roommates, snooping family to consider or are looking for something travel size, we’ve got you! Here’s a roundup of our most discreet pleasure toys. 

The Classic Love Ring

We all know that the best things in life are shared so if you want to have fun in pairs or groups but don’t want anything intimidating or large to store, the trustee love ring is your friend! This small but mighty product tightly grips him while the oval back provides 10 different vibration modes to stimulate clitoris and labia for a stronger sensation for both! It’s smaller than your palm so easy to store and it’s waterproof so you can spice it up in the shower or bath!


Tracy’s Dog Suction Vibrator

This small toy is slim and cute, there is nothing indiscreet about it – but it brings endless pleasure and every woman should have one! This toy uses innovative technology to mimic the experience of oral sex with its 10 vibration modes. The power pulse from its internal brush mimics a sucking sensation around your clitoris whilst its vibration stimulates you all over. This toy gets straight to the point whilst offering discretion and quiet – so it’s only you that you have to worry about!



Treat yourself to the toys everyone is talking about – whether you want to join the conversation or not, with these super powerful but discreet pleasure toys!

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