The Benefits of Using Sex Toys in The Shower and Bath

It is not uncommon for people, women especially, to first discover themselves in the bathtub – we have all heard of the faucet trick! Since most of us have got our bathtub orgasm completely nailed, it’s no wonder that the bathroom becomes a sacred space! There are actually many benefits to playtime in the bath and shower, so we’re here to enlighten you!


Hot showers relax the muscles and nerves of your whole body, which is why so many people turn to showers at the end of a long day to release all the tension in their shoulders and the rest of their body. Steaming is also incredibly beneficial to relax the body and mind, to release pain and encourage the body to release harmful toxins. Coupled with the therapeutic benefits of orgasms, you can feel doubly relaxed!

Helps You Sleep Better

A hot shower is a natural sedative, as is an orgasm, as both relieve stress and tension and reset the body. So, if you’re struggling to get your beauty sleep, combining both is a one-way ticket to Zzz.


There are many benefits to combining intimate time with your hot shower or bath. Firstly, as many of us have very busy lives, it is a chance to combine two of our favourite things during some alone time – or with a partner! Take advantage of the peace and quiet and get in touch with yourself. It’s also super easy to give your se toys a quick clean afterwards in a way that doesn’t ruin the mood!

Our Favourite Waterproof Sex Toys

Level up your shower and bath time with our waterproof sex toys. First, the toy that everyone is talking about, Tracy’s Dog Suction Vibrator is 100% waterproof and perfect to sit on in the bath! For fun in the bath and shower, the cute handheld clit suction vibrator is another powerful tool that likes to get wet and, for the couple who want to make tub-time special, try the irresistible love ring to intensify orgasms for both of you!

Have a great time!

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