11 Remote Control Sex Toys for Couples in Lust & Kinky Singles

Remote control sex toys: the gateway to uninterrupted couples play and singleton adventures!

Gone are the days of battery-operated sex toys. Today, we're looking at sleek, luxurious pleasure products that are rechargeable and remote-controlled. 

These kinds of sex toys are the perfect way for long distance couples to stay connected, more adventurous partner play in-person, and kinky singles to enjoy a different kind of masturbation experience. Yay for sex tech!

With that, allow us to tell you some of the perks to using a remote control sex toy, and introduce you to 11 remote control sex toys that we absolutely love.

We're sure you'll find something to fall in lust with! And don't forget to stay up-to-date with us at Your Pleasure Toys for the latest in sex tech and new products!

Sex Tech Remote Control

The Perks of Using a Remote Control Sex Toy

Hands-Free Solo Fun

Instead of fumbling, a remote control sex toy allows you to have easy access to all of the sensual functions. It's also a lot easier to try new kinds of sensations with ease, exploring more of yourself and what your body likes.

With a remote control sex toy, you have the power to take your pleasure into your own hands, literally. And what could be more powerful than that!

A New Kind of Fun for Couples

Using a remote control sex toy can be a new and adventurous way to have fun with your partner.

For couples who are together, handing over the control and allowing them to take the reins (and vice versa) can be super erotic.

And for long distance couples, there are certain remote control sex toys that really go the distance, creating an intimate experience no matter how far apart you are.

Another kinky pro is that you could use a wearable sex toy, and enjoy it in secret while in public! Experience a cheeky date night at a restaurant, go for a walk around town, or do any other seemingly innocent activity with your new special toy.

Remote Control Couples Toys

11 Remote Control Sex Toys You'll Fall in Lust With

Did you know that orgasming has a ton of benefits?

It releases a cocktail of feel-good hormones that induces relaxation, relieves anxiety, induces sleep, makes us feel closer to ourselves or our partners, and acts as a short-term pain reliever.

Which is why we're in the business of making others feel their best!

From anal to vaginal, prostate and clitoral, find your next favourite pleasure product to enjoy either solo or with your sexy partner.

After all, sexual wellness is a basic need!

Sexual Wellness Remote Control Sex Toy

Anal Remote Control Sex Toys

CalExotics Remote Control Anal Adventure Set

Want to change things up a bit, but can't settle on one anal sex toy? The CalExotics Anal Adventure Set comes with two cheeky anal sex toys, each with their own remote control.

Enjoy the deeply satisfying butt plug or a soft and lustrous penis ring during play time... or, you could even use them simultaneously for that extra wild and pleasurable ride.

Vibrating Glass Butt Plug

There are a ton of perks to using glass sex toys. For one, they're great to dip your toe into the world of temperature play. Also, they're easy to clean, smooth, and body-safe. Now add in a dash of anal stimulation, and you've got yourself an unforgettable sexual experience.

This vibrating glass butt plug has a total of 10 vibration intensities and patterns, and a suction cup for easier use. A true win in the realm of anal pleasure.

Tracy's Dog Carl 360 Vibrating Butt Plug

Twirl and rotate into a whizz of lustful pleasure with Carl, a vibrating butt plug with remote control. It's large and in charge, and has various nubs that give you the sensation of being rimmed. 

Enjoy 10 patterns and intensities, and take yourself on your best erotic adventure with this bad boy.


Prostate Massager Remote Control Sex Toys


Bob Vibe Prostate Massager Grenade 

The Bob Vibe is anything but ordinary! The entire toy is decorated with various types of nodules, grooves, and bumps, allowing for all kinds of stimulation with one single use.

And actually, this super erotic remote control prostate massager can also be used to target the G-spot! A male sex toy that doubles up as a female or couples toy! Allow it to rotate, penetrate, and transform you to new heights of sexual bliss.

Tracy's Dog Thrusting Prostate Massager

Two motors for double the fun, we love this thrusting massager for its smooth, elegant design, and incredible functions.

So, what can you expect from this well-oiled machine? Well, with two arms, you'll experience prostate stimulation and teases of bliss on the perineum at the same time. It's also 100 percent waterproof, and with its remote control, makes it an effortless pleasure product to enjoy.

Tarzan Vibrating Prostate Massager

Stimulating the prostate has the power to unleash a new kind of sensation. One that is arguably better and stronger than what you're used to. Which is why prostate sex toys are rising in popularity, creating quite a stir for those who use them.

The Tarzan is a remote control prostate massager with a suction cup for easier use. It's flexible, easy-on-the-eyes, and gives one a sense of fullness and deep pleasure.

Tarzan Vibrating Prostate Massager

Clitoral and G-Spot Massagers

Tracy's Dog OG Air 2 Suction Vibrator

 The most up-and-coming pleasure product for women is the gorgeous suction vibrator. And this particular toy doubles up as a clit and a G-spot stimulator. Its sleek design fits perfectly in and on your sweet spots, allowing for hands-free fun when you crave it most.

And with its remote control, you can put your pleasure into the hands of your lover, creating an exciting and unexpected wave of orgasmic bliss.

Tracy's Dog Nina Vibe Pro 2

Nina is a cheeky suction vibrator slash G-spot stimulator that's flexible, and ready to be used either solo, with a partner during masturbation, or during penetrative sex. Simply grab the remote and experience new feelings of euphoria on your pleasure zones.

And with 21 different vibration speeds and intensities, you'll find your muse in the most climax-inducing and enticing way yet.

Satisfyer Mono Flex

This rabbit-style vibrator stimulates both the clit and the G-spot. And actually, it's one step ahead of the game, as it works with the Satisfyer app as opposed to a remote control. 

An award-winning pleasure product that has two motors, is 100 percent waterproof, and allows for all kinds of solo or partnered fun.

Satisfyer Mono Flex

Wearable Remote Control Sex Toys

Please-Her Vibrating Panties

Take a walk on the wild side with a pair of vibrating panties! This discreet and luxurious pleasure product fits snug in your knickers, and is controlled via a small yet powerful remote control.

Wear it in public for a naughty secret, or allow your partner to surprise you with a jolting and sensual experience when you least expect it. Either way, it's your little secret.

CalExotics Foreplay Set

The CalExotics Set comes with a self stimulator and a vibrating penis ring, making it a duo for couples who want to play together. Each toy has its own unique remote, which means that both partners can hold the cards at the same time.

Surprise your lover with new sensations, and experience your own journey into the unknown with this ultimate foreplay set, paving the way for long, hot, and blissful nights.

CalExotics Foreplay Set

Have you found a remote control sex toy that ticks all of your boxes? Or perhaps you've got your eye on more than one! That's okay, there's more than enough to go around!

We're here to help you enhance your sexuality, and experience new kinds of sensual sensations for stronger, more powerful orgasms in the easiest and most pleasurable way possible!

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