Your Guide to Luxurious Pleasure: Tracy’s Dog Sex Toys

Tracy’s Dog pleasure products are arguably one of the most tantalising sex toys on the market today. And they’re not just gorgeous in design and function, but also a company run by awesome humans who want to increase your level of confidence and sexual bliss. 

This sex toy company aims to remove the stigma attached to indulging in pleasure, normalise your big O’s, and help you realise that reaching climax is healthy, smile-inducing, and absolutely satisfying.

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So, with this nifty guide, we plan to introduce you to the wonderful world of Tracy’s Dog and their sensational and luxurious line of pleasure products. It’s time to take your pleasure into your own hands, literally and figuratively.

So, take your time and have a gander at the different kinds of sex toys that Tracy’s Dog has to offer.

Hint? We’re positive that you’ll love them just as much as we do here at Your Pleasure Toys.

Tracy’s Dog Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrators

The magnificent Tracy’s Dog Suction Vibrator, which almost literally will blow your mind. 

This toy is different to the aforementioned pleasure products, as it massages, thrills, and excites both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time. 

Tracy’s Dog Suction Vibrator

Tracy’s Dog Couples Sex Toys

Married, taken, or friends with benefits, Tracy’s Dog has a lil’ something something for you! But hey, even if you’re not coupled up, you can still take these sensual toys for a spin or two!

These three sex toys have been carefully created to induce bliss for both partners… and all of them come with a remote control! Take the reins or allow someone else to control your pleasure! 

The Nina Vibe is a wearable vibrator for her that teases the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time. A flexible piece of magic not hauntingly huge but rather, the perfect size for the perfect orgasm. 

There’s also the Nina Vibe Pro 2 that has a sexy bulbous tip for G-spot stimulation, and a seriously sensual suction function that you can bask in, hands-free.

And if you’ve already fallen in love with Tracy’s Dog Suction Vibrator, you’re going to be filled with lustful desire for the upgraded version… that is, the Tracy’s Dog OG Air 2 Suction Vibrator

This cheeky item can be used during solo play, but if you fancy making it a twosome, there’s a sleek remote control waiting for you.

Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Penis Rings

Gentlemen! The penis ring has risen in popularity since its been transformed from a solely erection-enhancing sexual wellness product to a thrilling vibrating pleasure product for both him and her… Cue Tracy’s Dog 3 in 1 Vibrating Penis Ring

This winner facilitates longer and harder hardons, teases the perineum with brush-like bristles, and comes with a little nub that caresses the clitoris during intercourse. 

All that, plus a remote? Life doesn’t really get better than that, folks.

Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Penis Ring

Tracy’s Dog Rabbit Vibrators

The Tracy’s Dog line has updated and upgraded the classic rabbit vibrator, creating even more flirtatious arousal. 

Check out the Beads Bunny Vibrator that has a rotating shaft and cute bunny ears that nestle sweetly on your clitoris, and the Craybit G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator that's been curvaceously created to target your most sacred spots with ease.

And if it’s some erotic suction you’re after, the Tracy’s Dog G-Spot Suction Rabbit Vibrator suckles on your G-spot while the smaller tip stimulating your clitoris provocatively, sending shivers down your spine. A 3-in-1 beauty that looks and feels like heaven.

Tracy’s Dog Butt Plugs

Twirl around in ecstacy with the Carl 360 Vibrating Plug. A pleasure product that’s definitely not shy, and will take you to a new kind of sexual bliss. 

This beaut is recommended for experienced anal players though, so beginners… we suggest you start off with something a little less racy.

Tracy’s Dog Ben Wa Balls

Working on those kegel muscles has never been so sexy with Tracy’s Dog Kegel Balls with Remote

A hands-free, effortless exercise that’ll assist you in better, longer, and stronger orgasms!

Tracy’s Dog Ben Wa Balls

Tracy’s Dog Prostate Massagers

The prostate is arguably the most pleasurable spot for men. And when stimulated, it can cause some seriously sexy orgasms, different to anything you’ve experienced before. 

Which is why Tracy’s Dog has done their research and created an orgasmic Male Vibrating Prostate Massager

This sleek product resembles that of anal beads, and works by stimulating the prostate at your chosen speed. 

Go fast or take things slow, either way… you’ll always get to where you want to go.

Tracy’s Dog Clitoral Vibrators

Did you know that the clitoris serves only one purpose? That is, to bring you pleasure? And now that we know that, we couldn’t possibly pass on the opportunity to put this sweet spot to work, now could we? 

So why not tease and please until you feel a sense of sexual awakening with the Rogue Rabbit Clitoral Stimulator

Rogue Rabbit Clitoral Stimulator

This conspicuous pleasure product has two fluttering tips for some beautiful clitoral action, and lets you take control with 10 different vibration modes.

Tracy’s Dog Clitoral Suction Vibrators

Suction sex toys are all the rave right now! And Tracy’s Dog has tapped into this craze by creating four different clitoral suction vibrators, each with their own unique design and pleasure settings. 

What kind of clitoral suction vibrator are you looking for?

If it’s a discrete sex toy you’re after, you’ll love the Little Witch, which is a petite little daredevil that’s travel-sized, giving you an instant pick-me-up whilst on the go. Allow it to suck your clitoris gently or more passionately, depending on your lustful needs.

Then there’s the Tracy’s Dog Mr Duckie Suction Vibrator that may give off an innocent appearance, but is able to rock your world with seven suction modes. It’s also waterproof, so that’s always fun! 

And don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet Miss Kitty, another suction vibrator that’s adorably designed yet powerfully erotic. 

Then, for those who seek even more power, the Tracy’s Dog Suction Massager will give you goosebumps with its sonic waves that can shift between one to 10 different settings. A waterproof lover that’s waiting for you to make a splash.

Tracy’s Dog Strap-On Strapless Vibrators

Don’t lose your arousal getting lost in seemingly endless straps! Instead, get yourself the Dragon Bone Strap On Dildo with Dual Motors

This flexible curved vibrating dildo is the latest in strapless strap-on capabilities, and has been made with both partner’s pleasure in mind. 

It works by inserting the curved tip into the giver, whilst the longer arm is then inserted into the receiver. Together, everyone can indulge in the best of strap-on fun with its two motors that tease both with delight.

Tracy’s Dog Strap-On Strapless Vibrator

Tracy’s Dog Wand Massager Vibrators

This classic never goes out of style! And Tracy’s Dog has given this sexy number a little upgrade! 

The Hammer Wand Vibrator is elegant-looking, silky soft to hold, and incredibly pleasure-inducing. With eight vibration modes, you can massage just about anywhere and be transported into a relaxing or erotic state almost instantly.

Tracy’s Dog Male Masturbation Sleeves

Experience the real deal anytime you crave it with Tracy’s Dog ‘Sam’ Masturbation Cup Fleshlight

This pleasure product is conspicuously designed to mimic a flashlight, but once the top has been removed… there’s only bliss to follow.

This male masturbator comes in two different styles, vaginal or anal, depending on your stimulation desires. 

Both have been meticulously created with inner ribs, canals, and valves, giving you a shockingly accurate real-feel. Fawn over its lifelike exterior, and enjoy orgasms by the dozen.

Tracy’s Dog G-Spot Vibrators

The G-spot is a spongy part of the female anatomy, found about two to three inches inside of the vagina. And this magical spot has the power to cause quite a stir when stimulated. 

So, go ahead and give your G-spot some love with Tracy’s Dog G-Spot Vibrator or the Tracy’s Dog Pecker Pulsating G-Spot Vibrator. Both of these gorgeous creations come in soft pastel colours, and work hard to target your sweet spot with its bulbous tip. 

Tracy’s Dog Pecker Pulsating G-Spot Vibrator

Tracy’s Dog Bullet Vibrators

Ah! The trusted bullet vibrator! One can never own too many of these bad boys! Especially when they’re as adorable-looking as Tracy’s Dog Lipstick Bullet Vibrator

Yes, it does look just like a lipstick, making it discreet, but it’s also one heck of a party starter with eight vibration modes.

After just one single use, you can kiss goodbye to mediocre orgasms, and say hello to feeling revitalised, rejuvenated, and sexually powerful!

Tracy’s Dog Water-Based Lubricants

Most sex toys, especially those made of silicone, thrive when paired with water-based lube. Which means that you simply cannot go wrong by having a bottle or two of Tracy’s Dog Water-Based Lubricant in your nightstand.

It’s light, silky, and smooth, helps prevent dryness, can be used with latex, and glides on effortlessly, reducing friction and increasing pleasure. 

This lube comes in a sleek black bottle, giving it an extra luxurious feel, and feels simply sensational on the skin.

Tracy’s Dog Water-Based Lubricant

Tracy’s Dog Condoms

We get it, condoms aren’t exactly the most thrilling sexual wellness product. But who says it has to reduce sexual sensation? Tracy’s Dog certainly doesn’t! 

We suggest taking their Raw-Like Condoms out for a test drive and experience what sex should always feel like!

They’re lubricated for an extra smooth slide, and manage to give you that real skin-to-skin feeling. No more reduced sensation, only safe bliss during your erotic adventures.

Have you found your new favourite Tracy’s Dog sex toy? Or how about giving a couple of them a whirl? After all, masturbation and indulging in your sexuality is the ultimate form of self-care!

And for more useful info on all things spicy, take a peek at our other blog posts. From tips on how to get down during lockdown, to boosting your body confidence, there’s something saucy for everyone!

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