Sex Education – A Re-Education on The Facts of Life and Love-Making!

Whether you’ve spotted the global love for Netflix’s Sex Education or you were surprised at the recent challenge on Love Island which demonstrated that there’s a whole lot we don’t seem to know about sex, I think we can all agree that it’s good to have a little re-education now and again. Here are a few sexy facts we think might surprise you!

The Uglies

Let’s get right to it and talk about bumping uglies – the shapes, the sizes, the statistics! According to science, the average penis, unexcited, is around 3 and a half inches and around 5 inches when ready to party! The vagina, on the other hand, is a world of possibilities with every woman’s labia being completely different to the next.

The Sex the World is Having

Penis in vagina intercourse remains a reigning classic way of getting down to it with around 94% of men and 92% of women having had vaginal intercourse. Oral sex is next popular with 87% of men and 86% of women enjoying the experience whilst just 36% of women and 42% of men having anal sex. More on that here.

Better with Age?

The Love Island contestants were shocked to learn that around 30% of people aged 80 and over in the UK still have regular sex. Why not? With practice you can only get better! The bad news is that the older people are, the more they experience a lack of sexual desire – but clearly we’re still getting action here in the UK!


The Big O

This year’s Love Island contestants were shocked to discover that the female orgasm can be as long as 20 seconds – in fact it can be even longer! And if you just can’t get enough, that’s great, because (with hard work) some women can orgasm up to 100 times in an hour (must have heard about the viral clit sucker sex toy!)

Who’s Vibing?

Some of us aren’t messing around, we’re here to take sex to the next level! According to recent research in the US, about 50% of males have used a sex toy at some point whilst 65% of women have. In the UK, it’s estimated that around 48% of the population own sex toys.

Congratulations class, you’ve learned a lot today. The homework for this week is to explore your own sexuality and orgasm potential and play around with some sex toys!

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