Three Ways to Get Your Relationship Through a Dry Spell in The Bedroom

Relationships are hard work – we know you’re probably tired of hearing that, but if you’ve ever been in a long-term relationship, you’ll know this to be especially true. If it weren’t the term ‘honeymoon phase’ wouldn’t exist! Whilst the honeymoon phase of a relationship is by far some of the best times – hot, urgent sex and still going that extra mile! – sex can still be incredible even when the passion is not so easy to find! Everyone experiences a dry spell in the bedroom occasionally and they can absolutely be survived! Here are some ways to revive the passion.

Queer Eye’ing Yourselves

Sometimes the sex can die down when either one or both partners aren’t taking care of themselves. If you don’t find you sexy, how do you initiate sex? If you think either of you are feeling a little low on confidence, it’s time to get to work like the fab 5! Put the time and effort into self-love and self-care, get yourself feeling your best and then approach the bedroom with the confidence that you deserve. Let your partner show you how they appreciate you and vice versa – you’ve both still got it!

Sexy Intentions

It can be difficult to discuss a dry spell in the bedroom. Oftentimes couples aren’t sure who wants it and who doesn’t or they don’t want to acknowledge it at all. Whilst we believe that communication is key in healthy relationships, we understand that saying ‘why aren’t we getting as much sex’ isn’t sexy, so why not take the ‘actions speak louder than words’ route and lay out your sexy intentions for your partner? Wine and dine them, do a little spruce up of the bedroom with fairy lights or candles, say what you want with actions and bring the fire back to the bedroom!

Go Back to Basics

If you both feel a little out of practice, go back to basics. Bringing something new into the bedroom, such as a sex toy, can encourage more communication about who wants what, at what pace. You don’t have to stop learning about and exploring each other’s bodies just because you’ve already known them. Of course, leave the more intimidating toys out until you’re both feeling back to normal, but discreet toys such as vibrators or small massagers can be a great way to introduce communication and break a dry spell.

With these tips, we know you’ll get over the hump – or lack thereof!

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