Stay Busy! Things You and Bae can Get up to During the Coronavirus Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the globe and, for most of the world, our everyday lives are looking a lot different these days. In the UK, as of the 23rd of March, we’re officially on lockdown – only to leave our house for limited reasons: food shopping, medical reasons or to take one walk a day. If you’re lucky enough to be isolated for the next three weeks (but more likely indefinitely) then you’re likely to be excited and a little nervous that all that time together might not be so healthy for you. But we’ve come to the rescue! Here’s what you and bae can get up to during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Conversation Prompts

The great thing about long-term relationships is that they change all the time. When life is busy it’s hard to notice it, but it’s great to check in every once in a while, and really get to know each other and your relationship. Conversation prompts are a great way to do that. They encourage us to ask questions, explore our values and our hopes for the future – you can always learn something new!


We know that a change in scenery is good for us and most couples these days move into one or the other’s house, making it one’s house with the other’s belongings added but not combined. There’s no time like a lockdown to combine your belongings and rearrange your house a little to make it fully yours.

Try New Things

Life in lockdown is going to be a little same-old, same-old so it’s important to switch it up! Most of us would admit that there’s not usually enough time to have as much as sex as we would like – but there is now! Every cloud has a silver lining! And whilst you can’t go on any dinner dates or any other dates for that matter, it’s time to bring the fun home with sex toys! There are lots of great toys for couples to use together such as the love ring, the wand vibrator or the super suction vibrator.

Stay at home, stay strong, stay safe and well but still remember to find time for a bit of fun!


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