Isolation Masturbation – a toy for Everyone!

We know that the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, and the subsequent UK lockdown, limiting us all to our homes except for limited reasons, is changing all of our everyday lives. Staying inside for an indefinitely long period of time might drive us all a little crazy and that’s why we’ve got to think outside the box for things to do – we’ve got a few ideas!

Why You Need an Orgasm

Orgasms have many benefits for us such as reducing stress and tension, clearing our minds, releasing dopamine and acting as a natural pain-reliever. Masturbating is also a great way to learn more about yourself and your body and what you like. I think we can all agree that we’re a little stressed right now, so we propose isolation masturbation – there really is a toy for everyone!

Lockdown Without Bae

Lots of you have been caught in lockdown separately from your partners. Whether it was chance circumstances or work or other obligations, it’s necessary for some of us to be apart from our other halves and the weeks without them (and sex) will be hard. That’s why we propose a toy that’s like the real thing for when you’re craving the real thing. The thrusting dildo vibrator for her and the masturbation cup for him will provide lifelike sensations of the real deal until you can have the real deal (though you might decide this does the job better!)

Quarantine Kicks That are Quiet

We know that some of you are on quarantine with family, whether you live with them always and are now confined with them for weeks, or you’ve moved to take care of your older relatives. We know that you’re concerned about getting your kicks quietly – you can’t have any noisy or obvious toys lying around! That’s where the pebble vibrator comes in a treat – providing a great range of sensations bound to deliver pleasure but it looks and sounds completely innocent! Mission impossible to a quiet journey to the gods!

For the Lovebirds

If you’re on lockdown with your partner, there’s no reason why you both don’t deserve a treat! You now have more time to rustle up the nest so don’t hesitate to try the couple’s love ring, providing a tight and pleasurable grip and sensation for him and strong vibrations where you want them for her!

Take your pleasure to the next level, relieve stress and boredom and join us in our isolation masturbation campaign!

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