The Best-Selling Sex Toys of 2019 and What’s Set to be a Hit in 2020

2019 was quite a year for sex positivity and 2020 is going to be even bigger (or will the toys get smaller?) We’ve done our research and we’re revealing it all! These were the best-selling sex toys of 2019 that you just couldn’t get enough of and what’s set to be a hit in 2020!

The Multi-Taskers

2019 was a big year for people buying and recommending toys which get them off in more ways than one. Whilst quick external bullets and vibes and the classic penetrative dildos are always a classic go-to, 2019 saw more people choosing to enjoy both clitoral stimulation and penetration. Probably because it’s a sure-fire orgasm!

The Classic Wand

According to the best-selling sex toys across the brands in 2019, lots of people are still loving the classic wand-style sex toy. We don’t know for sure but can assume why it’s such a hit. Its design is not overtly sexual, making it an easier toy to have around the house and it’s actually a brilliant massager for tense muscles all over the body. It’s a win-win!

Suction Toys

If one thing is clear, based on the 2019 sex toy industry, people are absolutely raving about suction toys. The innovative toys that mimic the pleasure of oral sex have been quickly and enthusiastically welcomed in the sex toy space and it seems nearly everyone has got one! Still, because they are fairly new to the market, we think they’ll have some serious evolving to do in 2020 as new brands improve and adapt them. We have a suspicion that it is these suction style toys that will continue to trend in 2020!

Our Best-Seller

As most of you probably already know, because we’ve been in all the women’s magazines and the centre of many viral online stories in 2019, our biggest best-selling sex toy of 2019 was the Tracy’s Dog Suction Vibrator and the demand for this trusty toy is not fading in 2020!

What was your favourite sex toy of 2019? We’d love to hear from you on our social media! Here’s to an orgasmic 2020!

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