The Case for Self-Serving Pleasure

Did you know that the exhausting dating world is putting people off sex? According to recent research, people in the UK are having less sex than ever and getting less orgasms than ever. Whilst we can’t make finding a mate any easier for you, we can make you happier, less stressed and more in tune with yourself. Let us put forward the case for self-serving pleasure.

Masturbation shouldn’t be a taboo subject and it’s great to see that more and more people are talking about, including the UK’s biggest influencers such as Kerri, Kate and Scotty. We want to join forces and share with you why you should be self-serving yourself pleasure!

Get Acquainted

It’s well known that the more you know about your body and what makes it happy, the better sex you’ll have. You can’t always expect a partner to know how to make you feel good if you don’t know what works and what doesn’t. Making time for yourself to get to know yourself is self-care at its finest.

The Physical Health Benefits

Masturbating makes us feel good, we all know this, but it truly has some positive changes for your body such as released muscle tension and strengthening of your muscle tones. That’s why masturbating can relieve headaches, migraines, muscle pain and even cramps! The endorphins released through the body can even act as natural painkillers!

The Mental Health Benefits

Masturbating is great for your mental health! From releasing dopamine and other happy chemicals to reducing stress, lots of good stuff happens in your brain to put you in a good mood! Masturbating also helps increase body confidence and self-esteem in general. Who doesn’t want to feel better and sexier?

A Good Night’s Sleep

Masturbation, thanks to its relaxing effects on the mind and body, has been proven to help aid a good night’s sleep. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping because you find it hard to switch off, get out of your head, get under the sheets and self-serve yourself!

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