The Perfect Pleasure Present for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and the more organised among us will be organising their Christmas shopping right now! It can be hard to know what to get for your friends, girlfriends and wives, especially as most working women buy their own treats as and when they want something throughout the year. As Ariana Grande says, ‘I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it’! So why not gift the ultimate Christmas present this year? The one they may have forgotten to treat themselves to. The gift of endless pleasure! Every woman needs a trusty toy, whether it is to start their collection or contribute to it. This year, we’ve got you covered.

 For the One who Hasn’t Started Their Collection

If you have a friend in mind who you know hasn’t started their pleasure toy collection yet, it’s important to start with the basics! If you want to start small, the Suction Massager is a really cute handheld device that imitates oral pleasure with sucking and pulsing. Alternatively, if you really want to treat them, there’s a reason the Bunny Vibrator is the classic!

 For the One Already with a Collection

For the friends who have already well and truly begun collecting adult toys, you have to get them the latest trend, the toy everyone is talking about. The Suction Vibrator provides pleasure inside and out, with a classic design aimed to pleasure the G spot and the clit, again with powerful technology to imitate oral pleasure!

 For the One with a Beau

If your friend is spending the Christmas season all loved up with someone, why not slip something for them both under the tree? The Love Ring is a great choice for both him and her, as its sleek and sooth design provides pleasure for both with 10 vibration modes to choose from!


 There is a pleasure toy for everyone at – it’s going to be a wonderful Christmas!

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