Three Sex Positive Influencers You Should Be Following

Being in lockdown has been tough for a lot of us. However, it has offered a chance for self reflection and the opportunity to focus on our wellness, mental health and more. One area in particular we are keen to explore is sexual wellness. You may have heard the term ‘sex-positivity’ and wondered what it means. In simple terms, it’s an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual activity as healthy and pleasurable. If you’re looking to use this time to become a more sex positive individual, here’s three people you need to be following! 

Ruby Rare

A big part of the sex positive moment is advocating for comprehensive sex education and safe sex. One person who is a beacon of light in these dark times is the wonderful Ruby Rare. Ruby dedicates so much of her time to providing intersectional and queer focused sex education. She challenges beauty standards, debunks myths when it comes to non-monogamy and also recently published her first book! 

Scotty Unfamous 

In a predominantly white-dominated space, Scotty Unfamous is paving the way for women of colour in the sex positive space. As an proud Sexfluencer, Scotty encourages her audience to reclaim their bodies and have the amazing sex life we all deserve. This is something we can definitely get behind!

Come Curious


Come Curious is a sex, body & mental health honesty platform that everyone needs in their feeds! They cover a wide range of topics from sending nudes, exploring BDSM, different ways to experience orgasms, relationships and more. They have also recently rebranded and added some new and diverse voices to the team to  bring even more knowledge and experience to the sex positive sphere. It’s such an exciting time right now and we implore you to follow all these amazing content creators & more!

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