Top 10 Sex Toys for Women to Fall in Lust with!

Tapping into your feminine energy is one of the most powerful things a woman can do. After all, women are the fairer sex. 

And because there are so many gendered stereotypes, double standards, and taboos surrounding women and their sexuality, we're working hard to smash them.

Thus, we're dedicating this post solely to all the wonderful women out there. Women who deserve to feel sexy, special, and sexual all of the time, without shame.

Now is the perfect time to embrace your femininity, and grab all of the many benefits that masturbation, sex, and orgasm can bring.

And sex toys for women is where we're going to start...

Pleasure Sex Toys Woman

The Different Kinds of Sex Toys for Women

The list continues to grow, but some of the most popular and prevalent sex toys for women include:

  • Rabbit vibrators: a sex toy that offers G-spot and clitoral stimulation
  • G-spot vibrators: a sex toy that targets only the G-spot
  • Clitoral vibrators: a sex toy that targets only the clitoris
  • Clitoral suction vibrators: a sex toy that uses a suction action on the clitoris (have a peek at our full range of clitoral suction vibrators here)
  • Magic wands: a more general vibration to use on sore muscles and intimate zones
  • Anal sex toys: a sex toy that targets anal stimulation
  • Kegel balls: a sexual wellness product that exercises the pelvic floor

Each sex toy for women offers a different kind of stimulation, and it's up to you to find your very best kind of pleasure.

Sex Toys Woman

But in case you're unsure of what does what, and what might feel good for you, here's a little cheat sheet on the female anatomy...

A Woman's Intimate Erogenous Zones

The clitoris: a root-shaped sexual organ that serves only one purpose—pleasure! When stimulated, it has the power to induce intense arousal and powerful orgasms.

The G-spot: a gland located around two to three centimetres inside of the vagina. It's a spongy area that, when stimulated, grows in size and can induce blissful climaxing.

The nipples: a woman's nipples, when stimulated, have the power to cause extraordinary sexual excitement. 

Of course there are several other erogenous zones in women, such as the nape of the neck, the scalp, the earlobe, behind the knee etc. 

Today however, we're going to focus mainly on clitoral, G-spot, and anal pleasure.

Clitoral sex toys for women

Top 10 Sex Toys for Women Right Now!

1. Tickler Wearable Vibrator

Indulge in your own little secret with this wearable vibrator. It's versatile, meaning you can use it for vaginal or anal stimulation, and is curvy in all of the sexiest places. A beautiful pleasure product that's complimented with a remote control for easier use or some saucy partnered play.

2. Tracy's Dog Little Witch Suction Vibrator

Another sex toy for women that's an absolute treat! This suction vibrator suckles gently on the clit, creating waves of magic and absolute euphoria. It's petite, sleek, and gets you off quietly and deliciously.

3. Satisfyer Pro Traveller Air Stimulator

For planned or impromptu adventures, the Satisfyer Pro Traveller is the perfect travel companion. It's petite, modest, discreet, and quiet, and works effortlessly stimulating the clitoris whenever you fancy a little pick-me-up whilst on-the-go.

Satisfyer Pro Traveller Air Stimulator


4. Dual Vibrator

Have the best of both worlds with this dual vibrator. It can either generously suck on your clitoris, be used as a G-spot vibrator, or simply as a wand-like sex toy for woman giving a more general kind of stimulation on your sweet spots. A beautifully curved and grooved pleasure product for all of your carnal needs.

5. Suction Shaft Vibrator

In the style of a rabbit vibrator, this gorgeous sex toy for women stimulates both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time, creating a whirlwind of intense satisfaction. Its smaller arm produces a suction effect for even better clitoral stimulation, while the bigger arm is grooved to hit your sweet spot delightfully.

Suction Shaft Vibrator

6. Vibrating Glass Butt Plug with Remote Control

The most sensual anal fun you can have, this vibrating butt plug has been erotically designed to give you shivers down your spine. It's made of glass, making it super easy to clean and maintain, and allows you to enjoy the bliss of temperature play. Complimented with a suction base, you'll simply adore this anal sex toy.

7. Tracy's Dog Kegel Balls Ben Wa Balls with Remote

For a new kind of exercise, the ben wa balls from Tracy's Dog is the perfect sexual wellness product to strengthen your pelvic floor. And by using them, you'll be able to enjoy even more powerful orgasms. Pair it with your favourite sex toy for women and you've got yourself the ultimate self-care routine.

8. Vibrating Pebble Massager

A sleek and luxurious clit sex toy for women, this pebble massager nestles effortlessly on your most intimate part, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the euphoria. It's also super petite, so you can carry it with you where ever you go, and waterproof for that extra splash of decadence. 

Vibrating Pebble Sex Toy

9. Your Pleasure Toys Wand Vibrator

Small, yet mighty! The mini wand vibrator from Your Pleasure Toys was made for women who are absolute go-getters. Those who know what they want out in and out of the bedroom. It's small enough to carry it in your purse or slip into your nightstand, and powerful enough to get you to blissful orgasms every single time.

10. Tracy's Dog G-Spot Vibrator

Feel the rumbling vibrations deliciously targeting your G-spot as your head falls back in sheer ecstasy. This G-spot vibrator is gorgeous-looking, and meticulously-shaped to reach your sweet spot easily and sensually. It's also got heating capabilities, creating a sensation close to the real deal (or arguably better!).


Now that you're in-the-know, which sex toy for women are you pining over? 

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