The Viral Rose Sex Toy You Need to Know Everything About!

You've probably seen or heard about the magnificent rose sex toy somewhere! Be it on TikTok, other social media platforms, whilst shopping online for something saucy, or via a friend. Well, the hype is very real! And we're here to tell you all about it!

You see, the rose sex toy has gone viral for a reason! And that's because it has the power to give you orgasms that are simply unmatched to some of your other toys (or your hands/fingers).

For vulva owners, the rose sex toy is just something that you must have in your nightstand (or wherever else you keep your delicious sex toys).

How Does The Rose Sex Toy Work?

How Does The Rose Sex Toy Work?

The rose sex toys is a clitoral suction sex toy, so it's been made with clitoral owners in mind. Why is it better than your average vibrating clitoral sex toy? The rose sex toy doesn't just vibrate.

It actually produces a blissful sucking action plus vibration that creates quite a stir on your clitoris. This is double the amount of sexual euphoria for those looking to treat themselves to seemingly unending orgasms.

And we're not the only ones who think so! There are some very impressive reviews out there, and videos of this beauty have been seen more than 13 million times.

Not just that, but hashtags such as #rosetoy and #rosetoyreview have an impressive 46 million views.

Want to see what the fans are saying?

"I did believe the hype until I used my Rose for the first time and OMG it was Amazing, I literally reached fully ****** within seconds. Definitely a game changer."

"Best toy I’ve ever got. Would throw out my whole collection just for this."

"The powerful rose had me quivering in no time at all. I think I must have scared my partner because this baby unleashed a side of me that not even I knew was there. I highly recommend if you want a pleasurable time."

"Amazing! Only tried the first setting so far and this is already my BFF!!"

"On first appearances, it’s a pretty thing but it certainly hits the spot and even on a low setting had oh moaning in no time. We’ve used it over and over again with great results and it’s our fave toy now! Definitely worth buying."

Well, you can't really argue with these reviews, now can you?

What is the Vibrating Rose Sex Toy Used for?

What is the Vibrating Rose Sex Toy Used for?

While we've already given you a taste of how the rose sex toy works, let's get deep into, and indulge in, how it actually sends you over the edge.

This petite yet firecracker of a sex toy has been made in such a way that it pulses. And when the small round entrance is put against or hovered over the clitoris, these pluses will reverberate to the clitoris and stimulate the nerve endings found in this part of the body.

Basically, it wraps around the clitoris, creating an almost envelope, and produces all those erotically-charged feelings. In fact, it gives off a similar feeling of receiving oral sex!

Now you may be thinking why the clitoris is such a wondrous part of the body for vulva owners. Well, because it's jam-packed with the aforementioned nerve endings (around 10,000 of them, to be more precise).

Nerve endings allow for the area to become sensitive, which enhances bouts of pleasure and induces glorious orgasms. And what's even better about the clitoris, is that it only has one function: pleasure!

How to Use the Rose Sex Toy

How to Use the Rose Sex Toy

Using the rose sex toy is easy and simply requires you to hold down the "on" button for three seconds.

The rose sex toy also have seven different suction modes, so you can play and experiment until your heart is content whilst swimming in all the feel-good hormones that get released during the height of sexual ecstasy. 

And if you're looking for alternative places to use this piece of art, the rose sext toy is IPX7 waterproof, so the bathtub may just be your next favourite place to get yourself off! You deserve it.

Is the Rose Sex Toy Rechargeable?

Is the Rose Sex Toy Rechargeable?

Yes, the rose sex toy is rechargeable. It works using a magnetic USB rechargeable charger. This, in itself, is a game changer, as it means no more fighting and fussing to find spare batteries, and it gives you the ability to take this sex toy with you on your travels and fun vacations.

Once you've fully-recharged your rose sex toy, it will give you two hours of uninterrupted pleasure. 

How Long Does it Take to Fully Charge a Rose Sex Toy?

It will take your rose sex toy approximately two hours to be fully charged. Once you connect it to the USB magnetic charger, you'll see the button of this rose sex toy flashing continuously. When charging is complete, the button will stop flashing, and you'll be ready to play!

How Long Does it Take to Fully Charge a Rose Sex Toy?

Should You Buy a Rose Sex Toy?

This is, of course, a personal choice. But in our professional opinion, vulva owners across the globe should be buying the rose sex toy.

We believe that this small yet mighty device is like a heaven-sent piece of art that allows you to bask in either solo pleasure or partnered play. 

It's a sex toy that's been made to perfectly fit in-place, stimulate those 8,000 nerve endings, and shower you with the kind of sexual experiences you deserve.

Another reason to love the rose sex toy? It's made of body-safe silicone, which is arguably the best kind of sex toy material. It means that you can add in your favourite water-based lubricant, or even the cheeky Slow Sex Clitoral Balm that gives off a warm sensation and stimulates blood flow to for an even more delicious climax. Body-safe silicone is also easiest to clean... no fuss, only pleasure. 

Not just that, but it's reasonably priced, and looks so inconspicuous, you won't be left with a phallic-like sex toy that needs to be hidden carefully and meticulously (if that's what you're worried about).

And so, now that you know everything there is to know about the rose sex toy, are you ready to gift yourself with something that'll keep you coming and coming? We think so too!

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