What is the Vibrating Rose Sex Toy Used For?

You've seen it everywhere... TikTok, other social media platforms, sex toy shops, and online sex toy shops. It's become an absolute viral sensation!

viral sensation rose vibrator

The Rose Vibrating Sex Toy 

Why has it gone viral? Because it's like holding a piece of magic in your hand, small and petite, yet gets you to incredible orgasms without fail. 

And while we're big advocates of experimenting, always offering you new and exciting products, we can't help but talk about this rose vibrator over and over again. It's something we urge all vulva owners to own! 

And we're not the only ones who think so! This piece of art has been featured in big publications, such as The Guardian, Buzzfeed, BBC, and the Daily Mirror.

Let's get into everything you need to know about this viral vibrating rose sex toy!

The Rose Vibrating Sex Toy

What is the Viral Rose Vibrating Sex Toy?

The viral rose vibrating sex toy has been created with only one purpose: to stimulate the clitoris.

There are no fancy thrills and frills when it comes to how to use it, making it excellent for beginners and regular players, yet the potential it has for an array of sexy sensations is simply out of this world.

What's also great about this viral vibrating rose sex toy is that it has such a cute, inconspicuous design. Like a budding rose, ready to release all of its beauty upon those who hold and use it.

And sure, we love a bit of variety, such as using dual vibrators (ones that stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot), or even anal stimulation sex toys.

But quite honestly, you'll never regret purchasing this pleasure product. It does what it's supposed to with lustre and strength, gives you the power to choose your favourite setting, and is bursting with orgasmic potential.

What is the rose sex toy?

What is the Vibrating Rose Sex Toy Used for?

As we mentioned, this vibrator was made to stimulate the clitoris. Many vulva owners can attest to the fact that it is, indeed, clitoral stimulation that sends them over the edge, grabbing their sheets in pure ecstasy.

And actually, this rose vibrator is now one of Amazon's best selling sex toys (just like the Tracy's Dog clitoral suction vibrator)! That's got to mean something.

To use this budding beauty, all you need to do is click one button, and voila, the toy's internal vibration begins to generate rotating airflow that suckles and teases your clitoris.

What is the Vibrating Rose Sex Toy Used for?

The Best Way to Use the Vibrating Rose Sex Toy

According to sexologist, Goody Howard, the best way to use the vibrating rose sex toy is to start applying a small amount of lube to your clitoris. (We adore the Intimate Earth Clitoral Arousal Serum because it makes the clitoris even more sensitive, resulting in even bigger orgasms.)

He suggests that, instead of going for gold immediately, one should explore the area:

"A lot of people want to just sit it on the head of the clit right away instead of exploring the other ways that pleasure can show up," he says.

In other words, this sensual sex you can actually be used on the nipples, the anus, and other huge erogenous zones, heightening your libido and getting you even more warmed up for insatiable sexual bliss. 

Then, when you're craving that elusive big 'O', you can either hover or place this toy over your clitoris or even the clitoral hood. Once it makes contact with your clitoris, it'll create an airtight vacuum, ramping up the intensity.

We suggest starting with the lowest setting first to get a feel for the sensation. This will also give you time to adjust to this new kind of clitoral stimulation.

As you start to feel all the amazing sensations, you can go ahead and change its settings as and when.

You could even opt to use it with a partner during your trysts, if that's something you'd fancy!

The Best Way to Use the Vibrating Rose Sex Toy

Features of the Vibrating Rose Sex Toy

With a strong motor, it goes to town on your sweet spot using rotating suction and vibration actions. It has:

  • seven multiple intensity levels, three of which provide continuous clitoral stimulation while the other four stop and start using different speeds and rhythms
  • the ability to pulsate gorgeously
  • rechargeable capabilities using a magnetic USB-base
  • a compact and discreet design that mimics that of a rose (and makes it travel-friendly)
  • waterproof capabilities
  • been made with soft medical-grade silicone
  • silent vibration modes for extra discretion

Features of the Vibrating Rose Sex Toy

What Does Using the Vibrating Rose Sex Toy Feel Like?

According to one very satisfied vibrating rose sex toy user, "the pulsating suction felt like I was at the mercy of an oral genius".

And that's exactly what it feels like...

It's like receiving the best oral sex of your life, without any of the added annoyances. You know, like, "Don't stop," Harder!" "Move a little to the left" "What's your name again?". None of that.

Click a button, feel the strong and delicious vibes, and enjoy oral sex like you've never experienced it before. It really is that simple.

What Does Using the Vibrating Rose Sex Toy Feel Like?

Is the Vibrating Rose Sex Toy Worth it?

In our expert opinion, it absolutely is worth it!

Buying the vibrating rose sex toy comes with so many benefits, is a winner for newbies to sex toys and those who love to experiment, has a very generous price tag, and does all of the hard work for you effortlessly and lusciously. 

It's quite possible the most popular sex toy on the market today, and we say: go ahead, buy it. You won't be disappointed! 

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