Naughty or Nice? Our Best Erotic Stocking Fillers this Christmas

As an adult, the question: "Have you been naughty or nice?" takes on a whole new meaning. For some, the naughtier the better! And at Your Pleasure Toys, we know just how to encourage you to be sensationally naughty either solo or with your partner.

You see, being nice is a delight, but being naughty... well, there's just so much pleasure to be had! We say; embrace both your naughty and nice side and get intimate with one or more of our best erotic stocking fillers for a Christmas and beyond that you'll never forget.

Our Best Erotic Stocking Fillers: Sex Toys and Gifts

Sugar and spice and all things nice, add a bit of a twist, and you'll thank us twice! What are you or your partner yearning for this Christmas?

Is there a sex toy or a sexy gift you have your eye on? Or are you excited to take a gander through all the wonderful pleasure products that we have to offer? Besides, having a fantastic toy or sexually-charged gift is great, but finding a new kind of bliss... priceless!

These are our best erotic stocking fillers for both solo play and couples fun... ready to go on an adventure this festive season?

Erotic Stocking Fillers Sex Toys

Solo Sex Toy Gifts for Christmas

Are you on the hunt for something delicious for yourself or for a partner to enjoy during their sessions of self-care?

Christmas Gifts for Penis Owners

From masturbation sleeves, cock rings, and prostate massagers, penis owners can bask in new and adventurous sensations during their most intimate moments with themselves (or with a partner!).

Tracy's Dog 'Sam' Masturbation Cup Fleshlight

Turn your masturbation routine into something better than the best! This masturbation cup from Tracy's Dog gives you that real-feel aiding in entire sexual bliss. It has a black screw top, making it easy to hide, and is adorned with all sorts of bumps and grooves inside for even more satisfaction.

Tracy's Dog Lucky 7 Thrusting Anal Prostate Massager

The Lucky 7 is a good luck charm when you're after sexy anal stimulation that'll lead you to huge prostate orgasms. It's sleek and luxurious to look at, has two powerful motors, comes with 10 vibration modes and 10 thrusting modes, and can be remote-controlled for extra fun. It's also waterproof for a splash of decadence in water!

Vibrating Bullet Penis Ring

Not one but two rings makes up this vibrating bullet penis ring! What does that mean? Double the pleasure! It's made of soft elastic that's stretchy, giving you a comfortable and erotic fit, is water-resistant, and can be controlled with just one button. And don't forget about the small area of nodules that'll give you that extra bit of sexy stimulation. 

Vibrating Bullet Penis Ring

Christmas Gifts for Vulva Owners

Tickle, tease, stimulate, and thrill your sweet spots with our selection of Christmas gifts for vulva owners. Whatever pleasure you adore, you'll find something intoxicating.

Empowered Smart Pleasure Idol Clitoral Suction

Empower yourself with a clitoral suction vibrator and go on a journey through the clouds! The Empowered Smart Pleasure Idol clit toy uses smart technology so you can program your favourite settings and enjoy it whenever the mood strikes. With six modes and pulsating vibrations, you can always have it your way!

YPT Wand Vibrator

Looking for something petite and pretty to look at/hold? The Wand Vibrator from Your Pleasure Toys is perfect for those impromptu moments of arousal... and it's also great for travel given its size. It has 20 speeds, is waterproof, and ready to shower you with sexual euphoria!

Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

For those who want it hard and intense, the Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator will always deliver! It feels like magic in your hand, and when you turn this sweet treat on, you'll be amazing at how effortlessly it thrusts, vibrates, and rotates. It has two motors for even more power, and is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

Christmas Gifts for Any Body

If you're an anal enthusiast, these toys are so utterly delicious, it'll take you on a whirlwind of sexual delight. From beginners to more experienced players, you'll find your new muse in our list of Christmas gifts for any body.

Tracy's Dog 'Carl' 360 Vibrating Butt Plug

Anal stimulation lovers, Carl is a vibrating butt plug that rotates at 360 degrees, and is adorned with a row of beads for that extra bit of sexual ecstasy. In other words, Carl is definitely not for the faint-hearted! But, if you're a regular anal player, then you'll adore this pleasure product and its 10 patterns that mimic the sensation of a swirling tongue!

Jewelled Butt Plug Set

As pretty as it is orgasm-inducing, the Jewelled Butt Plug Set comes with three anal butt plugs of varying sizes, allowing you to work your way up to bigger sizes when you're ready. They're made of soft silicone, and have a gorgeous silver jewel at the base, creating an erotic aesthetic for all who are lucky enough to see it in action.

PipeDream Icicles Vibrating Glass Butt Plug 

Glass sex toys are a serious treat, as they are not just easy to clean but also allow its users to experience the sensation of temperature play. The range of Icicles Vibrating Glass Butt Plugs include three shapes: bulb, curved, and bullet. They also come with seven modes of vibration and three different speeds so you can pick and choose according to your favourite anal stimulation and have an absolute ball!

PipeDream Icicles Vibrating Glass Butt Plug

Couples Sex Toy Gifts for Christmas

Perhaps this Christmas is the perfect time for you and your lover to add a bit of naughtiness to your play time sessions?

Foxy Couples Vibrator

Foxy is an absolute babe in the sheets, offering G-spot and clitoral stimulation to vulva owners whilst giving off all kinds of good vibes to their partner during penetrative sex. It's got double motors for twice the amount of power, and will most certainly take both lovers to a new level of climax, together. 

Whistle Wearable Panty Vibrator

This secret piece of sexuality is for couples who want to have a bit of fun either in public or in private! It allows one lover to take the reins by holding the control whilst the other inserts this amazing vibe to feel all the sexy sensations it has to offer. It fits comfortably inside your panties, and gives you all kinds of surprising bliss whenever the holder of the remote chooses!

Tracy's Dog 3 in 1 Vibrating Cock Ring

Allow both partners to feel the rumbling sensation of sexual pleasure during penetrative play with the Tracy's Dog 3 in 1 Vibrating Cock Ring. This beautiful piece of art gives penis owners bigger and stronger erections, stimulates their perineum, and teases the clitoris, all at the same time! How's that for an extra bit of naughtiness?

Tracy's Dog 3 in 1 Vibrating Cock Ring

Foreplay Fun Gifts for Christmas

CalExotics Remote Control Foreplay Set

Everything you need to enjoy hours of foreplay with your favourite play partner! The CalExotics Remote Control Foreplay Set comes with four sexy pleasure products, include a self-stimulator, an enhancement ring, plus two independent remotes. In this way, whether you're playing together or solo, partners can control your lust whenever you feel your libido rising!

Slow Sex Full Body Massage Gel

Touch is a powerful way in which to induce relaxation and arousal, and often brings about deeper intimacy between couples. The Slow Sex Full Body Massage Gel from Bijoux Indiscrets can be used with your hands or for a body-to-body massage, allowing even more stimulation for both partners. Glide across one another for an incredible bout of foreplay!

You & Me Erotic Couples Game

Foreplay made even more sexually exciting, the You & Me Couples Game is a sex game for adults that gives players different daringly seductive prompts and ideas. Get your libido soaring and earn points with an adult game made for curious and sexual lovers.

Slow Sex Oral Sex Strips

Transform your oral sex experience by simply devouring an Oral Sex Strip by Bijoux Indiscrets before you go down on your partner. These strips provide a cool minty flavour that tastes delicious, and feels entirely erotic for the one receiving oral sex. Or, you could even use them for a few cheeky kisses too!

Slow Sex Oral Sex Strips

And there you have it, the ultimate list of sexy and erotic stocking fillers for an exceptionally sexual Christmas! What do you have your eye on?

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