The Ultimate Guide to a Festive Sexy Christmas

They say that Christmas is the time for giving... we say: Christmas is the time for giving and receiving! 

This magical time of year is the perfect opportunity to get all riled up with erotica and sexiness, ensuring that both you and your partner enjoy a lustful festive season. It's also the perfect time to play all kinds of sexy games!

The Ultimate Guide to a Festive Sexy Christmas

Here, we'll introduce you to our ultimate guide of Christmas sex ideas. Like 12 days of sexy festive ideas, except you can enjoy it throughout the month of December (and beyond, if that's what you're into).

Forget nice...these sex ideas are naughty and some are, well, even more naughty! Ready to be aroused this season?

Christmas Sex Ideas

1. Sexy Christmas Cards

Turn those dirty sexts and pics you may be swapping throughout the year into a sexy and erotic Christmas card. The front adorned with your most sensual spots, and inside, a teasingly arousing message. You could go old school for this one by printing it out and giving it to your lover sealed with a kiss, or you could digitally create something that's too hot to handle and send it to their e-mail. 

2. Sensual Bows and Ribbons

Wrapping gifts need not be a chore! You could use your fancy bows and ribbons to wrap something super explicit, aka your sensual body. Use your favourite colours and designs to hide your intimate erogenous zones, and allow your partner to unwrap you until their libido sky rockets at the sight of your naked self. Or, you could play together with a little bondage, using ribbon in such a way to lightly restrain one partner.

3. Santa's Little Helper

Role playing is an excellent way to keep a sense of surprise in your romantic life. You could choose to dress up for this if you fancy, but the idea is for one partner to be more submissive while the other is more dominant. The submissive, aka Santa's little helper, will be at the dominant's beck and call, helping them achieve all of the things on their naughty to-do list. 

Sexy Christmas Games

4. Christmas Lingerie

Because 'tis the season, one partner could dress up in slinky Christmas attire, such as Santa's slacks without a shirt, or be completely naked, wearing only Santa's hat. Or, you could choose to find sexy Christmas-themed lingerie that's not only festive but made in such a way that your partner cannot wait to rip it off of you for a lustful session of passion.

5. Sexy Advent Calendar

For many, advent calendars are simply a way in which to get excited for Christmas. But for kinky adults, it could also be a way to countdown to a grand finale! Create your own sexy advent calendar filled with sexy items, sex toys, and foreplay products that'll get you all warmed up for the night of Christmas when your biggest and most indulgent gift can then be unwrapped.

6. Sex Board Games

The holiday period is all about gathering around the fire, drinking hot cocoa and playing board games. But you know what would be even more fun than that? Grabbing a lover and playing adult sex board games! There are so many sultry games to choose from, including Monogamy, a multi-award winning board game that's bursting with erotic energy. Or take a cheeky gander at Oral Fun, the game of eating out whilst staying in! 

7. Christmas Sex Positions

Get hot and heavy this season with a new Christmas sex position! The "Love Hug" is a sensual one that'll enhance levels of intimacy between you and your partner. You can do it by having the receiving partner sit upright with the balls of their feet on the floor, facing their lover. In this way, they can thrust whilst kissing or looking into each other's eyes, which can aid in closeness and arousal.

Christmas Sex Positions

8. Christmas Dessert

There's something so entirely sensual dessert. Creamy and decadent items that are tempting and delicious can entice even the most self-controlled individual. So why not have your partner enjoy their Christmas dessert... on you? Create a spread of whipped cream, candy canes, strawberries, sprinkles, and chocolate on your naked body and allow them to enjoy every last bite.

9. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

This one may not be for everyone! If you and your partner love or are intrigued about experiencing ultimate release onto a certain part of your lover's body, you could... well, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Discussing the specifics beforehand is important, and doing so consensually is, of course, mandatory. 

10. The Ultimate Naughty List

 So your partner has been a bad girl or boy this year, have they? Remember the time they hopped into the shower with you, giving you a pleasant surprise? Or when they made you orgasm several times in one evening? Write it down! Talking and reminiscing about all the dirty and delicious things you've done with each other throughout the year(s) is a super erotic form of foreplay, and will most likely lead to even naughtier things.

Sex Naughty List Christmas

11. A Wish List to Santa

This one is for all the fantasy-seekers! Is there something you're intrigued about or have always wanted to try? Maybe you're a little shy or embarrassed to admit it to your partner? Turn it into a non-intimidating activity by calling it your wish list to Santa! Both partners can write down one or more things that they're curious about trying in the bedroom, and then share their ideas! 

12. Naughty Stocking Fillers

While a new pair of socks or a blender may be a useful stocking filler, perhaps thinking outside of the box this year could be way more fun. There are so many seductive things you could fill your partner's stocking with, such as a couples sex toy, solo pleasure products, sensual massage oils, flavoured lube, or even a BDSM prop or two. And hey, you'll both essentially be benefiting from these gifts so it's a win-win. 

13. Secret "Holiday Special" 

Some of our favourite TV shows usually come out with Holiday Specials during the festive season, so why not do the same? Except this one will be a little secret for just the two of you! Get your camera ready and create your own Christmas Holiday Special, one that will give you a kinky element of being watched, and you can take a peek at again later whenever your more raunchy self craves it.

Sexy Holiday Season Christmas

 So, lovers... has play time officially begun? Have a merry, merry Christmas filled with good cheer, smiles, and all kinds of erotic fun and games. And, of course, many orgasms!

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