Five Fun Ways to Initiate Sex

There’s nothing wrong with routine – in fact, lots of couples fall into routine. The honeymoon phase has to die down or you’d never get anything done! But everyone knows that it’s the little things that count in relationships and it’s sexy to ask for what you want! Here are five fun ways to initiate sex.

Wear something special

Wearing something special is a great way to initiate sex and say what you want without actually speaking. Buy something you feel confident and beautiful in, be it lace, silk or even edible underwear! Sneak into your loved one’s space and give them a little flash!

Drop a sexy hint

Actions speak louder than words so sending a hint is a great way to go – whether that’s a wink, a wiggle, booking an hour in their calendar or lighting some candles in the bedroom. Your partner will be soon to catch on!

Send a sext

There’s nothing wrong with modern hints and sexts are the new love letter! Get imaginative and playful and send a sext to your partner to let them know you are in the mood! The key to perfect sexting is to start slow and build to a climax – like sex itself! Eventually, your partner just won’t be able to keep his hands off you anymore!

Express yourself

We don’t all express our feelings and gratitude as often as we should to our loved ones so if you were wondering how to say, ‘I want you, now’, why not actually say that? Let your partner know that you appreciate them and fancy them and let them feel happy and desired – it will really set the right tone; everybody wants to know that they are wanted!

Send a sexy present

A sexy present is even better than a hint – it’s bigger than a hint! Whether it’s delicious lube, a sexy little outfit or accessory or a luxury sex toy, it’s bound to say exactly what you want from your partner!

With these ideas, we know you’ll be very busy!

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