Why Some of The Best Sex of Your Life is From One Night Stands

There’s no denying it – one-night-stand sex is a different kind of sex. Sometimes, it feels like it’s on a whole other plane of being. And there some genuinely good reasons why it’s some of our favourite sex!

Anticipation Builds Climax

Everyone knows that nothing builds a climax quite like anticipation and meeting someone new, learning how they flirt and anticipating when they are going to go in for the kiss (and the rest) is exciting! This is difficult to achieve with long-term sex and definitely a huge benefit of one night stands.

Naturally You’re the Director

When you sleep with somebody new, you have to be the director because they don’t know your body. Recent studies suggest that we are much more likely to be vocal and play director when we are having sex with someone new, than we are with someone we’ve already had sex with. One night stands are the perfect time to be truly selfish in bed!

No Strings Attached

There is nothing quite like having sex with a stranger and knowing that you truly don’t have to ever see them again if you don’t want to. It means the sex can be as extravagant or experimental as you want and there is no fear of embarrassment or awkwardness afterwards! You can be whoever you want to be for one night only – what freedom!

So, here’s to all the people who love one night stands! We understand you! And don’t forget, if you’re living for the single life, it’s important to treat yourself too! Browse all our sex toys here.

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