Halloween Treats - The Pleasure Toys with Spooky Vibes

If 2020 hasn’t already been terrifying enough, Halloween is just around the corner! Without Halloween parties, fright nights and just about everything else we love about the season off limits this year, it’s definitely going to look different! With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic take up the majority of our time and energy, now more than ever it seems necessary to try turn a negative into a positive. One way to celebrate Halloween this year? Skip tricks this year and go straight to the treat. Here’s some of our favourite toys that give off a spooky vibe.

Miss Kitty Suction Vibrator

First up, we have this Miss Kitty Suction Vibrator from Tracy’s Dog. No Halloween is complete without a feline familiar and this adorable pocket-sized clitoral stimulator is a handy little toy with seven different settings.

Not only is this fun-sized, it’s designed to be easily held with its ergonomic shape. Whether you’re after a subtle orgasms or pillow biting climaxes, Miss Kitty is perfectly suited for the palm of your hand or your partner’s. Not to mention, it’ll be a great addition to your bedside drawer or even the glovebox of your car!

It’s waterproof and can also be used on nipples – with so much to try you’ll be howling all hours of the night!

Little Witch Suction Vibrator

Not only does Halloween fall on a Saturday this year, it’s also the first full moon to fall on All Hallows Eve since 1944! There’s never been a more perfect night for some good old-fashioned witchcraft. Try some sex magic with this Little Witch Suction Vibrator from Tracy’s Dog. 

If you’re wondering why this clitoral stimulator has been dubbed a witch, you only need to try it one time to have it casting a spell on you. 

Remote Control Love Ring

This gorgeously dark Remote Control Love Ring is the perfect way to spend Halloween night in with your partner. Perfect for couples who want to add some extra excitement to the bedroom; it groups the penis whilst the oval back also offers powerful vibration to the clitoris and labia. Everybody wins!





Not found the right magic for you? See our whole range online here. Already over the spooky season and looking for something more festive? Have you seen our sexy advent calendars for the most intimate and pleasurable countdown to Christmas yet?

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