Prioritising a Body-Positive and Practical Sex Life with Beth Ashley

You may have noticed that in our recent pursuit to shout about all things sexual and bring women in on the important message that pleasure should be on our to-do list and something we prioritise as an act of self-care and self-love, we have been working with many incredible women. One of those women is Beth Ashley, a feminist, sex-positive writer who brings much needed reminders and advice to women all over the world who enjoy her blog and Instagram.

What we love the most about Beth Ashley’s attitude to sex is that she’s so forgiving and understanding of the modern pressures we feel. From having too much sex, to not enough and to making sure we prioritise it, she strives for the best for everyone and reminds us that that might differ from person to person! When we think of sex, we might want to think of nothing more than desire and passion but where is the practicality of it? It’s okay if the best way for you to make sex a priority is to schedule it into your week. In fact, a lot of us do!

Vulva Positivity

Doesn’t it seem strange that we all kind of know what a penis looks like and we see them everywhere – from funny doodles to unsolicited dick pics? But alarmingly, women don’t often get to see vulvas in all their diversity – and many women are undergoing surgery in order to meet the beauty standards of the perfect vulva. We’re obsessed with Beth’s dedication to discuss these important issues and loved that she shared her thoughts and experiences getting her vulva casted

Spreading the Love

Beth brings so much joy and confidence to women that we wanted to pay it forward. In our recent campaign to get as many women shouting about their pleasure, their way as possible, we offered Beth the chance to choose a new toy and give one away to her followers. She chose the incredible Tracy’s Dog dual vibrator with suction – a master toy that can do it all!

If you were looking for a fabulously feminist and warm and honest soul to follow to inspire you in your everyday life, we’re pleased to make the introduction!

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