How to Spot Quality in Sex Toys

 The popularity of sex toys has grown all over the world and especially right here in the UK. According to recent research around 3 million of us in the UK own pleasure devices – that’s nearly half of the population. The sex toy phenomenon seems to be a snowball that just keeps gathering speed – the more we talk about them and share our positive feedback, the more our friends are picking them up too! As with any growing trend, there will always be an undercurrent of annoying rip offs and we know that this can put people off buying them. We believe that everyone should be in control of their pleasure and feel empowered by their sexual choices and that’s why no topic is off the table! Today, we’re helping you spot quality in a sex toy so you can make the best choices and feel confident when you’re shopping for something new!


Body-Safe Materials

It seems obvious that anything you put on, near or in your body should be made of a body-safe material but since most sex toys are bought online, it can be difficult to verify the truth of a company’s claims and ensure a body-safe material. So, what is a body-safe material? Body-safe materials are materials that are strong, good quality, do not interact with, irritate or interfere with your body’s natural functions and they absolutely cannot be porous – as that’s how bacteria can grow and develop! Here’s a helpful breakdown to help you shop safely:

  • Avoid these porous materials: polyvinyl (PVC), thermoplastic rubber and latex
  • Think carefully about these slightly porous materials: leather, crystal and elastomer
  • Definitely go for these non-porous materials: silicone, stainless steel, glass, Pyrex and ABS plastics


Ease of Usability

When you want to get it on, you don’t want to be waiting around, so remember that the best quality sex toys keep it simple. Opt for toys that plug in and go, can be easily recharged and easily cleaned.



Not all sex toys are waterproof so it’s important to think about ease of use when it comes to where you’ll likely be using the toy and how easy it’s going to be to clean a toy. Most wands, for example, have wires and involve being plugged in – often because they are disguised as a ‘massager’. The best toys – and often the best body-safe toys too, are waterproof and high quality enough that you can plunge them into the bath or shower with you and not worry about a thing.



Technology has come a long way from where it used to be and that means that you can tell quality of materials and design from the noise of a sex toy. Whilst some powerful designs are likely to give off some noise, no high-quality sex toy should be too noisy or make clunky noises!


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