Three Icons Who Spoke Out on Sexuality

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of it’s sex! When we’re not having it or thinking about having it, we’re usually studying it. At Your Pleasure Toys, one of our biggest goals is to create a place where women can feel safe talking about and reading about and learning about sex and sexuality. Female pleasure is important and not all that often talked about. We believe that if more people talked about sex it would empower others – and wouldn’t that make us all happier? Since we can’t exactly invite all the girls over for a good old chat during social distancing, let’s have a virtual conversation! This is the best fictional dinner party you’ve ever been invited to! Here are five of our favourite icons who spoke out on sexuality.


You knew we were going to start strong! Beyoncé says you are a sexual being and you can be that and be everything else too! Referring to the gender gap on pleasure, queen B tells us that men get rewarded for talking about and chasing after sex while women are expected to be quiet on the matter and to be submissive. I think we can all agree that our single ladies diva wants us to be crazy in love and be communicative about what we want sexually because we’re worth it!


Simone de Beauvoir

In her book ‘The Second Sex’, feminist icon Simone de Beauvoir tells us that ‘to emancipate woman is to refuse to confine her to the relations she bears to man, nor to deny them to her’. That means that to give women freedom from gender stereotyping, you have to stop comparing the two, where they are better, what they lack, but more importantly, you have to stop denying relations. For too long men have been allowed to have a sexual appetite where women have not, women are just as horny and are allowed to shout about it!

Sera Beak

Life coach Sera Beak wrote a whole book on how to access your divinity and harness your own personal power and we love her thoughts on how sexual energy can help you in your life. Access your sexuality, feel your power and let it flow in everything you do. You’re more powerful when you feel sensual – you know it’s true!

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The only thing left to say is harness that sexual prowess, girl!

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