Psst! Here's How to Store Your Sex Toys + 10 Secret Hiding Spots!

For some, simply tossing their sex toy into their nightstand is common practice. And why not? It's easy to grab when you need it most, and to put away after you've been overcome with a blissful orgasm. 

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but doing this isn't actually the best way to store your sex toy! And while the storing process isn't complicated at all, it will prove to be invaluable when it comes to keeping your sex toys shiny and new for endless bouts of pleasure.

10 Secret Sex Toy Hiding Spots

The Golden Rule of Storing a Sex Toy

Or rather, what is the golden rule of owning a sex toy? Always clean them before and after use! Now when it comes to storing sex toys, you'll want to take this one step further and make sure that your toy or toys are not only clean, but also dry before you store them. 

And why is this the golden rule? Storying dirty and or wet sex toys will create a build up of bacteria that's not only bad for the quality and longevity of your toy, but also... your health! You could develop skin irritation or even an infection!

And now that you're familiar with the golden rule of storing a sex toy, let's look at the two most popular ways to store your fave pleasure products...

Golden Rule of Storing a Sex Toy

Store Your Sex Toys in Special Bags

Some sex toys come with specialised bags, which is perfect as it takes all the guesswork out of where to find a suitable bag that's the correct size and material at a decent price.

But if you are in need of a storage bag for your sex toy, you could go for a satin one or even a draw-string organza bag.

Store Your Sex Toys in Storage Boxes

For those with a bigger collection of sex toys, or perhaps just bigger toys in general, storage boxes are an excellent choice. Think those plastic storage bins!

Using one of these storage boxes will allow you to safely and securely store your sex toys, props, and sexual wellness products!

Store Your Sex Toys

10 Secret Spots to Store Your Sex Toys in Your Bedroom

Whether you're using a bag of some sorts or a storage bin, it still may be hard to keep those nosey aunts or less sex-positive friends from having a peek in your bedroom, right?

So we're going to be even more creative and give you 10 different secret spots you could store your sex toys that are not only safe for you, but also almost impossible to find...

1. Under the Bed

Not just "under the bed" however, in some kind of casing or bag that looks completely inconspicuous. For example, an old school PE bag, or in the midst of several black bags full of old clothes you no longer use. Those doesn't sound very exciting to rummage through, do they?

2. Adult Toy UV Sanitiser Case

How lucky are we that actual UV sanitiser cases exists today! These kinds of cases work with all sorts of objects and things that would benefit from a good ol' clean... sex toys included. In fact, there are brands that have these kinds of cases solely for the storage of sex toys! They've been set up with precision, are petite, yet also keep your favourite wellness products sanitised and ready for use on-the-go.

3. Storage Furniture

Storage furniture, such as ottomans, are great for storing sex toys, but also larger things like BDSM gear. And while they're not so secretive, you could have a piece of storage furniture that acts as an accent piece. In this way, you could place something on top of it and waft your guests away from sitting interfering.

Store Your Sex Toys in Your Bedroom

4. Stored Away Luggage

If you're a traveller, why not store some of your sex toys inside an empty piece of luggage? Even better, if you have a high shelf or closet that no one would be so nosey to reach for, place the luggage there for absolute secrecy! Just don't forget about it when you're getting ready for your next trip!

5. Shoeboxes

Bought yourself a brand new pair of shoes? Double up on that win by using the box as sex toy storage! You could surround the box with insignificant items or tissue paper, making the toy not easily recognisable, or you could simply pop the box under your bed, on top of a high shelf, or inside your cupboard amongst your clothes and other things.

6. Inside Socks & Underwear Drawer

So easy, yet so effective! If you have a smallish sex toy that you'd like to hide, you could simply pop it inside of a sock or a pair of socks! Place it somewhere at the back of your sock drawer making it even less noticeable, and grab it whenever you're in the mood! Tip? If someone still packs your socks away for you, maybe this isn't the best place to store your sex toy.

Hide Sex Toys Sock and Underwear Drawer

7. Inside a Tissue Box

Inside your bedside drawer, inside a tissue box, inside a little drawstring back... triple protected! And if you place a few insignificant things, like papers, over the box, who would be so intrigued to fumble around inside a drawer that's full of junk?

8. The Secret Pocket Inside a Handbag

The majority of big purses (it need not be that big!) come with a little pocket inside the lining. This secret space is an excellent spot for tampons, pads, maybe even a sneaky box of cigarettes? It's also a great hiding space for a semi-small sex toy! 

9. Inside a Tampon Box 

Speaking of periods, you're relatively safe putting your sex toy inside of an empty tampon box... especially if you live with men. Either way, we suggest putting your tampon box inside your purse, sock and or underwear drawer for even more privacy.

10. Inside a Stuffed Animal 

If you're a lover or stuffed animals, then it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for you to get a new one... one that will secretly and seductively hide your sex toy! Some of these kinds of toys have a zip/empty inside lining that could be the perfect place to put some of your more personal items. But, if you're not really a stuffed animal kind of person, perhaps it's best to choose a different hiding spot... just in case!

Hide and Store Sex Toys

And there you have it! A quick, to-the-point, and concise guide on how to store your sex toys... and how to find the perfect hiding spots for those secret moments! Enjoy your adventures!

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