How to Take Care of Your Sex Toys


One in three people is now investing in sex toys. And why not? They’re very high-tech and well-researched and expertly designed to stimulate all the best spots! Lots of people, however, quickly come to ask how to take care of their sex toy, how to clean it and how to make sure they last as long as possible. With great care, you can be sure that your high-quality sex toy will please you for many years. But how do you take good care of your sex toys?

Skin-Safe Materials

First of all, you have to ensure you’ve chosen a high-quality toy – that means checking for good quality ingredients which are easy to clean and don’t hold bacteria on their surface, including glass, stainless steel and silicone. If your toy is waterproof, which most high-quality ones are, you can simple rinse your toy with some unscented anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Just make sure to rinse well and dry them well – towel fibres can stick to a damp toy so lots of people prefer to just air dry.

Wipes and Cleansers

Nowadays you can easily find anti-bacterial wipes and cleansers that help you quickly and easy clean your sex toys. Specialised sex toy cleansers kill off germs and bacteria and some even help treat the integrity of the toys’ materials such as silicone, to ensure they last as long as they can. Just remember that all cleansers should be body-safe and to avoid strong chemicals such as bleach or alcohol which can damage your sex toys and also mess with your body’s PH levels, causing irritation and other problems.

Before or After?

It’s a good idea to clean your sex toys right after use – that way nothing lingers, builds up or gets stuck and is easiest to wipe clean. If you haven’t used or cleaned your toy in a while, it might also be worth rinsing before use, just to ensure it’s dusted down and ready for business!


High quality sex toys will come in good packaging which keeps your sex toys protected from dust and damage and can easily be stored discreetly. It’s a good idea to keep the bags, boxes or storage that the toy comes in so that you can be sure they stay as safe and clean as possible between uses.


With care, your high-quality sex toys will last you a long time and be completely body-safe.

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