Three Ways Using Sex Toys Elevates Sex with Your Partner

Long-term relationships are great and there’s nothing quite like enjoying good sex each and every time because your partner knows you to a T. There’s none of that clumsy awkwardness anymore and it’s easy. But sometimes, if we’re honest, it can be a little same-y. It’s your favourite movie, you know what’s coming next, but you’ll still watch it a million more times. Sex toys are a great way to keep things fresh. Whether you buy them together, use them as a surprise or buy them as gifts. It’s not admitting defeat or that the sex has gotten boring but a commitment to always be your best! Here are three ways using sex toys elevates sex with your partner.

Increases Pleasure

Sex toys are a great way to increase pleasure and take your sex to the next level. When you’re honest about what you need and shop accordingly, sex toys are a great way to ensure you hit all the good spots and helps you really build that climax. Sex toys such as the clit sucker, for example, make sure none of the best bits are neglected!

Introduces Edging

Edging your climaxes is a great way to elevate the pleasure, add some extra sexual tension and make the whole experience last longer. Placing limits on when one or both of you can climax is so much more fun with sex toys, allowing each of you to really focus on the other for a long time, play with someone new and drive each other crazy!

Makes Distance Sex Better

Sex is different now and is going to be different in the future. The pandemic has made long-distance relationships more common and people are having to get more creative than ever to maintain the intimacy when apart. Sex toys are a great way to do that – whether you choose full power such as the viral clit suction toy or ones that are more realistic such as the realistic dildo for her and the masturbation cup for him.

Nowadays, research suggests that sex toys are becoming celebrated as part of everyday life, with one in three people having lots in their stash. Get high quality sex toys delivered to your door in discreet packaging and elevate your sex life!

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