Lube for Life! Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lube

Whilst more and more people are talking about sex and sex positivity, we’re also hoping to see a lube positivity movement! We all know that the best sex is had when we’re really aroused and really…welcoming! Lubricant, whether it’s your own or from a bottle, is often what takes things to the next level. So why don’t we talk about it more? Here are five things you probably didn’t know about lube.

Your Body Can’t Always get Really Wet

It’s a fact of life – and simple biology. Lots of things affect our natural juices, from dehydration to stress, age and mainly your autonomic nervous system which is completely out of your control. You can be really aroused and just not that wet and that’s okay – it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of the sex. Just reach for lube!

Lube Makes Sex Safer

It’s not something we often think about when we’re in the throes of passion, but sex can take its toll on the body (which makes sense when you really think about it). Lube reduces the risk of micro-tears, allows easy slip and slide and increases sensitivity and sensation for condom wearers!

Great for Anal Play

Obviously certain parts of the body cannot make their own lubricant but do have their own pleasure which just couldn’t be possible without…you guessed it, lube!

Great Sex for Everyone!

As previously mentioned, lack of wetness does not always mean lack of arousal, but other factors, including age and menopause, which is infamous for drying some things out! Menopause should not be cause to stop having great sex.

Makes Sex With a Condom Amazing

We all know that a condom can affect the sensation for both partners when it comes to sex, but with the benefits of non-hormonal contraception convincing more people to opt for the condom, it’s time to make condom sex amazing! Adding a touch of lube underneath the condom and incorporating it into foreplay and sex can increase smooth movements, reduce risks of condom tears and increase sensation for everyone involved!


Our recommendation? Tracy’s Dog Water Based Lubricant, high quality and silky in texture, perfect for use with condoms, toys and easy to clean up! What’s not to love?

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