Let's Talk About Male Masturbators!

Today, we're talking all things male masturbators! Essentially, this post is for those who have yet to experience the thrill of using a male masturbator, and who are intrigued to enhance their masturbation or even couples play!

Male masturbators are surely beaming in the spotlight, especially of late. We are no longer living in a world where the only pleasure product for men is a seemingly ridiculous blow up doll that's often embarrassing to own. No!

Now, you can own many a male sex toy, including one or more male masturbators, because they're elegant, efficient, and discreet.

Want to learn more about these sexy sex toys for men?

What is a Male Masturbator

What is a Male Masturbator?

A male masturbator is a sex toy for men that's been designed to stimulate the penis in an array of different sensations. It could feel similar (but better) than manual masturbation, oral sex, or even penetrative sex. It's usually a soft, pliable sleeve in which one would insert their penis and then use the age-old jerking action to receive the many benefits and incredible sensations.

There are different kinds of male masturbators, though. Some may even work hands-free, some have vibrators, the different patterns in the interior may differ, and their shape and size can differ. Some may call a male masturbator a pocket pussy, a cock sleeve, or a male stroker.

Let's explore more... 

The Different Kinds of Male Masturbators

As briefly mentioned above, not all male masturbators are the same. Here are the most popular male masturbators today:

  • Vibrating Male Masturbators
  • Masturbation Eggs
  • Masturbation Sleeves
  • Warming Male Masturbators
  • Realistic Male Masturbators

A vibrating male masturbator does all the fancy things that a male masturbator does, except it vibrates! In this way, you have that added sense of stimulation for even bigger climaxes, and the ability to experience different sensations.

Masturbation eggs are small yet powerful. Many of them are not reusable, which means that they're kind on your wallet, and give you the opportunity to try a male masturbator without breaking the bank.

Masturbation sleeves are the essence of what we're talking about today, and is the epitome of what we've described above. They're a sleeve in which you can insert yourself and use the manual mode of masturbating, while enjoying different bumps, nodules, and grooves on the inside to really enhance your solo masturbation routine.

Warming male masturbators do exist, and they're great! They warm up in such a way that it really mimics that real-feel. Like an added bonus during your routine.

Realistic male masturbators are sex toys for men that are anatomical replicas of the real deal. For example, it could be a sex doll, a torso, or just the intimate parts, and using one not only looks like the real thing but feels like it too. There are realistic male masturbators that have different holes, such as a mouth, vagina, or anus.

Different Kinds of Male Masturbators

Are Male Masturbators Safe?

Male masturbators are safe to use if you adhere to two simply rules:

1. Buy a male masturbator that's made of body-safe material. Not just that, but the majority of male masturbators are made from non-porous materials, so cleaning it thoroughly is absolutely essential. Which brings us to our next rule:

2. Always clean your male masturbator well! Non-porous materials do have the ability to harbour bacteria and even form mould if you do not clean it correctly. This is not a reason not to buy one, but to follow the cleaning guidelines is very important for freshness, pleasure, and good health. We'll touch up on that next...

How to Clean a Male Masturbator

Of course every male masturbator is different because there are so many different brands and options available. For the most part however, cleaning a male masturbator will require certain steps which should be carried out after (and even before) every use.

Some male masturbators may actually have an accompanying sex toy cleaner which will be safe and easy to use. But if not, you should be heading to the sink or shower and washing out all the liquids which have accumulated inside of the toy.

If you have a male masturbator that has an internal sleeve that can be removed, you should go ahead and remove that and put most of your focus on rinsing this part thoroughly. You shouldn't be using any fancy soaps, or any soap at all, as it can compromise the material, but instead make sure that it's been thoroughly rinsed.

After this, you'll want to air dry your male masturbator. If you have some kind of surface that allows you to prop it upright to get maximum air flow, that's recommended, such as on top of a heater (make sure it is not turned on) or on a dish drying rack. 

Once your male masturbator is completely dry, you can add a bit of cornstarch or restoration powder to retain its freshness and to avoid a sticky kind of sensation. Then, you can store your male masturbator in a cool and dry place that has somme kind of ventilation.

Why You Need a Male Masturbator

Why You Need a Male Masturbator in Your Life

There are so many benefits to using a male masturbator. The sheer ecstasy of it aside, there are a ton of reasons why you need a male masturbator in your life.

Here are 10 reasons why you'll love a male masturbator:

1. It'll increase the frequency of your orgasms

2. It's great for those who are in long distance relationships

3. It's satisfies a high libido while giving you stronger and more powerful orgasms

4. It'll provide you with a better quality of orgasm because of the novelty and the different sensations

5. It's a way in which to try new sensations and to figure out what you like

6. Reaching orgasm will prompt a better mood because of all the feel-good hormones that are released during climax

7. It can be used to practice stamina training

8. Regular masturbation and orgasm could reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer

9. Orgasming can lead to better sleep as a cocktail of neurochemicals are released that make you feel more tired

10. Orgasming can lead to lowering of, or the removal of, stress because it lowers the amount of cortisol in the body (the stress hormone)

Our Best Male Masturbators

Three of our four best male masturbators come from the thriving and popular brand, Tracy's Dog. We highly recommend checking them out for all of your sex toy needs!

1. Tracy's Dog 'Sam' Masturbation Cup

Tracy's Dog 'Sam' Masturbation Cup

Good ol' Sam is a trusted friend and a super helping hand! It has that elusive real-feel, comes with a discrete black screw top, and a whole tunnel of grooves in the inner sleeve to explore. Take your best masturbation experience and triple it, because Sam is ready to please.

2. Tracy's Dog Realistic Mouth Stroker with Teeth

Tracy's Dog Realistic Mouth Stroker with Teeth

Want something that's super lifelike and feels just like the blissfulness of receiving oral sex? The Realistic Mouth Stroker with Teeth will give you exactly that. Allow this male masturbator to lick and suck you whenever the mood strikes, and enjoy all the benefits attached to solo masturbation and beyond.

3. Tracy's Dog Double Ended Pocket Pussy

Tracy's Dog Double Ended Pocket Pussy

A 2-in-1 male masturbator! This delicious sex toy for men offers two different holes, a mouth and a vagina. Each one will give you different sensations similar to the real thing, while maintaining tightness and euphoria. Whatever kind of sexual release you're after, this male masturbator is a true winner.

4. Apollo Hydro Power Stroker 

Apollo Hydro Power Stroker

Did someone say hands-free? The Apollo Hydro Power Stroker is, indeed, a male masturbator that's hands-free, waiting for you to enjoy all the lustful orgasmic pleasure that it's capable of. It comes with a suction base and a swivel mount, allowing it to bend however you fancy, and comes with 30 different vibration settings, a variety of internal nodules, and a memory chip to jump right back into the fun on your next solo play time!

Isn't it just amazing how far we've come in terms of male sex toys? And now that you know all about male masturbators, isn't it time you owned one? We think so!

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